Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Toddler Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Natural Milk Flavor

Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Toddler Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Natural Milk Flavor

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My toddler loved both the milk flavor and the vanilla. He drank both flavors and wanted more each time. Even my preschooler tried a taste and loved it! I love that my toddler is getting all the nutrition he needs and I don't have to force it on him.

My 25 month old son loved both flavors. I was very pleased because he can sometimes be picky. He liked them warm or cold. I tried them myself and I didn't enjoy them as much, but my son thought they were great. He preferred the vanilla but didn't turn the regular away. Very please. They are a little pricy though and I would hesitate to buy them without having a coupon.

my 15 month old liked this - although he drinks his whole milk and loves it. I was surprised that he liked this without asking for the usual (whole milk)...I will be using this esp. when we're on a go...very practical and nutritious so why not. My baby is happy and so am I....cool option to consider and use. I am happy to give this a 5 stars rating and I won't change my mind later...:)

My step son is 5 years old and he really enjoy drinking this. We finished the pack and actually end up purchasing more for him with the coupons that came with my shespeaks package. I also gave a few coupons to family and friends.

I tried this product with my three year old daughter... SHE LOVED IT!! She wasn't big on drinking milk before, but this and the Vanilla flavored one changed her mind. I love how it was easy to grab and go... I love how it was easy for HER to put the straw in... I LOVE how it did NOT spill!! My gosh... I love how she smiled when she'd drink it... To see her drinking milk and LOVING it makes me VERY happy!! I highly recommend this product!

My 3 year old daughter loves these. We cannot go anywhere without one. She has been drinking something similar to these since she was 18 months. That is when she was diagnosed with congential heart failure. The hospital staff thought that her being on these would help her gain weight as well as fill in the vitamin gap especially after her heart transplant because she didn't like eating for a while. They did not help her gain weight she is still a skinny minnie. They have became mandatory. She had went a day and half without one an had a siezure because her sugar was too low and she refused to have anything else. So if you have problems with your child eating habits then this would be good for you and with the vanilla you can add different syrups to give it a different flavor as well as making shakes and thing of that sort

My child did not like the drink BUT the child that we gave them to LOVED them! The mother used all the coupons and is so grateful for the product because their child will not drink milk!

My son loves this Enfagrow. Its very easy to make as well.

My 3 yr old daughter and 8 yr old son loved them in their hot chocolate. It added more sweetness and creaminess to the hot chocolate while cooling it down enough for them to drink it.

Our 4 year old loved the Vanilla flavor. She wasn't too fond of the Milk flavor. We will definitely be buying this in the future!

My daughter loves milk and usually she prefers chocolate. However, she loved these. They were convenient both at home and away. She enjoyed the taste and the fact she was able to get it herself. Thank yoh!

My daughter love it, is so good is sweet and vanilla. I would buy again

My son loved it I have been buying more of this product I really like it and recommend it

My daughter loved this drink! She said it was yummy. She called it her special milk and treated it as such. Adding one a day would really help those kids lacking nutrients!

My daughter loved this product! Thank You shespeaks for sending this product!