Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Toddler Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Natural Milk Flavor

Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Toddler Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Natural Milk Flavor

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my son love it . it tasted just like mil and that was hard for a toddler to do.

My son tried this one and did not like it. I like the product because its much more convenient, but he just did not like the taste.

My 14 month old just will not drink it. She takes 1 sip and throws it. I guess she just doesn't like the taste and prefers milk.

I have a one year old AND a two year old when they both tried it they liked it and I must say it is pretty gosh darn convenient even though the price is quite high I would say that the nutrition that my children get from this product over juice and regular gallon milk outweighs that for our family and I will be buying this product with the coupons I received.

My 16-month old daughter loved this flavor as well! The only thing I have to say is that I wish there was more of a variety of flavors for my child to have. It's so convenient, though!

very delicious and nutritious product that my toddler totally loves! I shared some coupons and kept some for my child. I took a few drinks of the product and found that it is very tasty! Will definitley be purchasing the EnfaGrow for my toddler in both flavors! Thank you so much for allowing me to participate in this product test@

This is a flavor my son was already used to because he has been on Enfamil since about 4 months old.

This was perfect for our car trip to VA. We were able to keep milk on hand for the toddler and not make a mess in the van mixing anyting up. I will buy these for traveling, but not for daily use due to the cost. My older 6 year snuck one and sucked it down before I could stop him! Perfect for on the go.

Love it. My daughter loves the taste and has vitamins that she isnot getting since she is going through the picky stage.she will honestly drink this before juice. Love tye brand and the fact that its easy to use. Also my daughter likes the fact that she can drink it from the straw and be a big girl. Bought it for camping trip and was perfect to use.

Loved this product and was happy to be a part of this review! I love every thing about it. the ease of use, the taste for my child, the vitamins and nutrients it provides.

she loves it

My 20 month old didn't like the taste of it. He drank a little and threw his cup on the floor. Tried both flavors and neither were to his liking. I wished it worked out because it is so convenient on the road vs milk.

My daughter enjoyed both flavors. She actually wouldnt drink regular milk after trying these. Since she is a picky eater finding something that she actually reaches for and whines about is great. I also let my niece try these but her response wasnt as great as my daughters she actually spit it out upon trying it and threw the container down.

It's a good product that my 18 month old loved. Convenient packaging, great to throw in the diaper bag to avoid buying pricey drinks while out and about. They are very pricey themselves though, still can save you some as opposed to quickly buying something at a gas station or family area. I will probably continue to buy this or a similar product for on the go so we have a different option than juice boxes. I already use a powdered formula because my daughter goes into modes where she doesn't eat much.

My 1 year old daughter loved it. I wish their was more variety in flavors.