Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Toddler Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Natural Milk Flavor

Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Toddler Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Natural Milk Flavor

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My daughter who is 4 really didn't like this but my son who is 7 did! I told him that the milk was for her sister but after watching her take a few sips and be done with it, I told him he can drink it. I don't know why she didn't like it but it must be something good for my son to like it. I also liked the convenience of the straw! It could have been more sturdy but that was fine.

The kids love it. Even my 5 year old did too! It's great that it comes in ready to drink packs because is easy for the kids to do it themselves. Us moms of many will understand how important that is!

We all know our toddles needs are changing, it's more important than ever to still provide the nutrition that you child needs to continue healthy development. Thanks to Shespeaks.com i was able to let my littles ones try the Enfagrow Older toddler ready to drink. The Enfagrow products are tailored to nourish the development that helps your toddler reach milestones at this critical toddler stage. I was suprised how good this product tasted, ( i know it wasn't for me but my little one made it look so good.) My daughter favored one was the vanilla flavor.With 25 key nutrients and the higher levels of vitamins C and E than's cow milk, I would recommend this for your toddler.

My daughter is very picky and when this product came in the mail i was excited with the look and knew she would try it out. With no fuss she liked the straw the look and loved the flavor. She was so excited drinking this i was in shock. My oldest daughter who is 11 even loved the taste. I am so happy that she loves this product. It is healthy, taste great and I can take it anywhere we go. Love this product.

My son really loves this! At first I thought that he wouldn't like It. Its very convenient, so easy to just grab and take anywhere . I'm so happy my son loves this very nutritious milk.

My daughter loves these! I thought she was going to hate it because she loves her cows milk. But when she had this, she wanted more! Now she won't even let it go. I will continue to buy these and stock up. They are wonderful for a to-go drink instead of filling a sippy cup with milk and after she drinks it all. The milk stays in there and goes bad especially during the summer and always having to keep the milk cool. This doesn't have to be refrigerated but once opened does. But thats no problem. She finishes it in 5-10 minutes lol

My daughter LOVES this, has a great taste that keeps her coming back for more. 3yr old likes that they are in *juice box* form instead of having to mix it, makes her feel like a big kid

My kid eats most things... Most of the time anyways. But when we got to new places or even the grandparents he tends to be too excited to eat like he usually does and I worry if he is getting all the vitamins and nutrients his fast paced little body needs. These give me a peace of mind AND he devours them! Great for sending to the grandparents, on the go and if little ones just are not into eating much that day.

We really loved this! We loved the convenience of having the straw when we were out and about. My daughter had no problems at all...and we definitely preferred the Natural Milk flavor to the Vanilla. I would definitely recommend this!

I have a 22 month son who drank soy formula when he was an infant. Once it came time to move onto milk he really didnt care for the taste and I needed to find other ways for him to get his calcium and vitamen D. We tried this flavor and he took several sips but was not overly impressed with it. He did not care at all for the vanilla flavor ones. I will offer it to him again but not sure its going to be a winner. Thanks for allowing me to try.

I love this product. My son loves milk but doesn't always eat too well. I love that he gets the nutrition he needs with these drinks and will actually drink it.

My son loves this and the other flavor we received! I put one of each in the fridge and he tried one after they got cold. When I went to put the others in the fridge I couldn't find them...He had put them all in him self so they would be ready for him. His Dr suggested the Pedia Sure because he needs the extra calories since he was having trouble maintaining his weight. We have tried all the nutritional drinks and he hates them all but carnation instant, so I was expecting him to not like these. I am very impressed! He said he wished they also came in chocolate flavor....

I received my Enfagrow Older Toddler Program this last week and my babies love it. No only have grate, natural ingredients and vitamins, taste great. I love this products than help my babies grow big and strong. I share my awesome coupons with my moms group and friends. Thank you very much Enfagrow

My 2 year old son won't drink it. He just doesn't like the taste. He is really really picky, so this may be why. He'd rather just have milk. I did like that it is very convenient and has a high nutritional value. Too bad the little one just won't drink more than a sip.

my daughter is 4. I have to say I think she is old for this one. We did receive a sample pack from SheSpeaks. She seems to be enjoying the flavors, me not so much. I doubt I would buy this unless she asked. I will be putting the coupons on my facebook page to give away. Thanks for allowing her to try this.