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  • lickysplitnik By  lickysplitnik    

    I have been doing walmart commericals to compare prices from walmart to kroger it's wonderful experience but not worth the money in saving

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  • Photogchik By  Photogchik    

    I am not a big fan of walmart. I think their customer service is lacking, and it seems like their stock is always low or out.

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  • kkucharek By  kkucharek    

    Shopping here is always makes for a terrible trip for my family and myself. The store is usually dirty, it's hard to find an employee to help when it is needed, it's overcrowded and uncomfortable to go up and down the cramped and disorganized aisles. I would much rather spend the extra money to go to a store that has more enjoyable staff, is cleaner and more organized. Sometimes low prices don't make up for everything.

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  • cfrancisco By  cfrancisco    

    I love shopping here. I am on a tight budget with my dads income so it is awesome to go to one store and find everything I need in one place.

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  • teenster3 By  teenster3    

    I know from experience, the in's and out's, that's all I have to say about a Walmart.

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  • debbie527 By  debbie527    

    I like that Wal-Mart has large variety of the grocery part though, things are out a lot. It's hard to get someone to help you find things too. Most associates I've come in contact with act like you are hindering them if you ask for help. Very few even ask if they can help you. I don't like the cakes are actually shipped in frozen and just decorated there

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  • BonnieMiller By  BonnieMiller    

    I shop at walmart all the time, it is where I go grocery shopping....

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  • joice911 By  joice911    

    Always crowded and the check out line takes too long. Price is okay.

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  • Lv2Read By  Lv2Read    

    I like that Wal-Mart has a large variety of items, and low prices. The thing that I have a problem with is how they treat couponers. If you're only using a couple, like me, they still have an issue with it. On their ad it says they gladly accept coupons. That is not the case at my Wal-Mart.

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  • chricket3 By  chricket3    

    I am not a fan of Walmart at all. They are not always the cheapest, and they treat their employees poorly. The stores are not always clean, very disorganized. I have had times when I have had to shop there because I am from a small town and there are no other places to get something they have. I also hate waiting 300 years to check out at the only 2 open checkouts of 20 that are available.

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  • Meganelewin By  Meganelewin    

    Great place to buy just about anything! Not very clean or organized though

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  • lostinelk By  lostinelk    

    I have to pick a top rating for the convenience of the store with everything going on in life they have everything in one store and I don't have to run all over town trying to find what I need. When you live out of town and don't want to pay for all the gas running around it make sense to just stop once and know the items you buy are at reasonable prices.

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  • Louisa By  Louisa    

    I used to shop at Walmart all the time because of the cheap prices on all goods. But, over the past few years the prices have gone way up, the store looks messy, and the product on shelf seems old and dirty. Stopped going altogether.

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  • MissDainty By  MissDainty    

    I have been to 2 different Walmart stores in New Jersey. The cashier was helpful in getting a price for an item that did not have a price tag attached. The gentleman who went to get the price was fast & courteous. Not all Walmart stores are the same. I guess it depends on the day & time that you go there. When I went, there was several cashier lines that were open, so I was in & out pretty quickly. I just spent some time looking around & trying some clothes on.

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  • nickiel By  nickiel    

    I try to avoid this as much as possible. It's not the cleanest place, many times employees are rude, and there is only one register open, ever...

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