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  • Wildangel By  Wildangel    

    Love them

    I have been a member for years and love the wide variety of items they offer. I would love to have a gift card for them so I could buy more often.

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  • Seafayra By  Seafayra    
    07.19.16 has to be my favorite online store for shopping. You can find just about anything and everything your looking for. I am addicted to and I use it quite frequently myself.

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  • Carlyjwhite1 By  Carlyjwhite1    

    We use Amazon a lot for work and it's super convienient because they ship right to our work.. The only complaint is some of the stuff you can get for sooo much cheaper in stores and elsewhere

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  • h3artsav3r By  h3artsav3r    

    Can't live without Amazon

    I use this site everyday, and can find almost anything for a cheaper price. We have the "prime" membership (paid yearly), which has tons of e-books, original shows, movies, and free 2-day shipping (on certain products). You can even schedule payments and deliveries on the items you use most, so you never run out! I have always had exceptional customer service, and enjoy reading product reviews there.

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  • PacthouliFlowers By  PacthouliFlowers    

    I too love amazon but I wish their employee practices were better. This is not only substantiated by word of mouth can be witnessed by the clumsy packaging by harried employees. I just ordered a table from another company with a brick and mortar near by. I did not want to chance receiving damaged product on such a heavy item

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  • tayquita By  tayquita    

    I visit this site at least once a day

    I LOVE amazon. I would almost call myself an addict. There are a few loopholes and flaws, such as misplaced orders, and orders never arriving. Occasionally packages don't come on time, but I don't think thats as much Amazon, as the actual business fulfilling the product. I happily get my friends addicted to amazon, it has everything. I visit this site at least once a day.

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  • Geminidrea77 By  Geminidrea77    

    I love shopping on Amazon for all of my hard to find items beauty household etc they have excellent customer service for issues

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  • Marie12345 By  Marie12345    

    Amazon is my new love!

    I LOVE It is my new best friend. I don't have to go to 5 different stores looking for stuff, I jut get on here and find what I need. Most of the time, I can find it on Amazon Prime and get it in 2 days. It's hard to beat that. They have also been awesome when I bought something that I didn't like or that ended up having an issue. They send me a return label and return shipping is paid for. I love Amazon! If you are a Prime member you get many other freebies as well. I would recommend it!

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  • rainnnaturelover By  rainnnaturelover    

    Good go-to

    Amazon is an excellent source for both every day products, and hard to find products. I've never had any shipping issues.

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  • ima_lil_galaxy By  ima_lil_galaxy    

    Simply the Best

    I ADORE AMAZON! I find the best deals and you can usually find a Prime membership for cheap or through a friend. Totally worth every penny if you convert to online shopping more than physical store. I prefer both equally, so I let go of my membership.... it's sorely missed. It's a great site to get quick items, stock up, buy gifts, or do anything. It stores your preferences and suggests items you may want. They have registry and different sub-sites like Prime Video and music to help consolidate all your online activity.

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  • TippyTara33 By  TippyTara33    

    I just love,love,love Amazon.I love the ease of ordering online without ever having to leave my house.Always huge selections to chose from at very affordable prices.

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  • Rockstar9936 By  Rockstar9936    

    It takes some searching but you can find most anything on Amazon. We do most of our christmas shopping and birthday shopping through amazon. We always check Amazon before going to buy it from a store.

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  • MAK23165 By  MAK23165    

    The most convenient place to shop! No kids, lines, or rude people. The only thing is you have to wait a couple days for your product.

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  • jul516 By  jul516    

    I finally broke down and got Amazon Prime. Love it! I am able to get quick items without the $35 minimum for free shipping.

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  • AmySS84 By  AmySS84    

    Amazon is one of my favorite places to shop. I am able to compare prices and see other varieties without having to go from store to store. I can put things on the wishlist or in my shopping cart and make purchases at a later date with out having to start all over. It is a great way to shop.

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