Coca-Cola Coke Zero

Coca-Cola Coke Zero

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Way, way, WAY better than Diet Coke. In my experience, those who love Diet Coke hate Coke Zero. Fortunately, I'm not one of those people. I never could quite enjoy the taste of Diet Coke, and I'm so grateful to Coca-Cola for coming out with this great tasting, crisp, sweet, zero calorie cola! I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great new diet soda favorite!

Tastes just like regular Coke.Doesn't have the aftertaste like Diet Coke.The cherry one is good too.

I love, love, love Coke Zero! I prefer it over Diet Coke because the flavor is better but still has no calories. Definitely a win for Coke!

I love this it honestly does taste like coke without the calories or the diety after taste. The coloring/design of the bottle also doesn't advertise the fact that it is diet. Coke also has a wonderful rewards program. Great as a mixer ;)

I'm a diabetic so I drink diet soda, and I don't like regular sodas... so I can't say that I love Coke Zero, but I will say that I have tried regular Coke and I think that Coke Zero tastes exactly like the regular. So I think that they are geniuses for making a product that people like and can drink and not worry about all of that sugar.

I drink Diet Coke and realized that this tasted even better w/o the calories. YUM YUM

Love it!!! Yummy

I have to say this is my favorite zero calorie drink of all. I like the cherry flavor also.

I love Coke Zero!! I love that it doesn't have the diet aftertaste. I keep it very chilled, almost icy and its now become my favorite.

I bought this with a coupon and I do like it once and a while as a treat. I think it has a great taste. I like to pour it over ice in a glass and sip on it. Goes great with a veggie burger and fries!

its great tasteing

This has become my carbonated beverage of choice. It has a true cola taste, with no tinny aftertaste like Diet Coke. I was drinking Diet Pepsi, which I still love, but I buy 2-liter sodas, and I find that the Coke Zero keeps its fizz longer than Diet Pepsi.

I love it and could drink it all day

I HATE diet soda, but when I tried coke zero, I had no clue it was diet. This is the best sugar free beverage I have ever had!

This is oen of my favorite sodas. I especially love the cherry flavored Coke Zero. Great for mixers too!