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i really want to try the set

this was average, imo. Pantene, redken are much better. i have highlighted, dry hair and this wasnt moisturizing enough. it does have lots of foaming has you rub it in your hair, though.

well as soon as i put it in my hair and started working it in my hair it started feeling softer.However it was just the top of my hair that felt soft.the rest of my hair didnt feel as soft as the top

I love the way the conditioner left my hair feeling after usage.

The shampoo did not do anything different on my hair from what other shampoos do. It cleaned my hair and it was easy to rinse off, but unfortunately I did not see a difference on the look and feel of my hair. Maybe the benefits others have felt will just take longer to show up on my hair - I will continue to use it and will see if there is a difference!

I have thick, fine, soft curly hair. The shampoo was OK but not one of my favorites. It did not make my hair shiney like my regular shampoo does. The conditioner I liked better in that it rinsed out very easily. I am not one to use conditioner because it tends to leave my have greasy-like, no matter the brand. I would/will tell friends and family my experience and would NOT discourage them from buying each her own. : )

Great smelling and cool bottle. I have frizzy hair so it didn't tame it much but I loved the smell

My hair smells good and is certainly soft, but there's no discernible difference in the way it looks or its strength.

I liked the conditioner and felt my hair is alot softer. I did not care for the scent, it's not strong at all but seems more of a chemical smell than a fragrance smell.

So far it seems good !!

The first time I used the conditioner I wasn't impressed. My ends felt dry and it seemed a little greasy. Not sure why, but the second time I used it, it worked a lot better. My hair felt soft and manageable. Not a big fan of the smell, but it generally does a good job and I like the way my hair feels and looks.

The scent as great but the product was too heavy for fine hair. Left a heavy hair look...yuk.

I was not impressed with the conditioner.My hair is dry and the conditioner did nothing for it ,didnt moisturizer not nearly enough.I thought the shampoo was better because it smelled good and was not heavy feeling.

Thnks for the review, I have a sample of this I haven't used it yet but I will soon.

This product left my hair clean and light feeling.