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This a great product very thick so don't have use that much.

The line of clear scalp hair beauty line is awesome. I have a dry scalp but oily hair. The shampoo plus the conditioner cleans my hair and conditions it perfectly.

After using this conditioner it's one of my faves, smells great and works very well in my hair!

My Sis recommended me this conditioner for my dry frizzy hair. I hardly ever like a conditioner, but i actually thought this was a good product. it had a great fresh scent that lasted for hours. most of all it gave my hair a smooth finish.

This conditioner works great, no tangles at all. I also love the scent!

I have never heard of Clear but when I asked a friend about how it works, she told me it was better than head and shoulders. So I bought it to test the reviews, and i loved it i noticed a difference after 4 days. I would recommend this shampoo to anyone dealing with these frustrating dandruff left all over your hair and clothes.

After having spent a few days on the beach I noticed that my scalp was extremely dry, & I was suffering from dandruff. I have tried a few salon products, and even a scalp treatment, but nothing seems to work. I had a coworker recommend the shampoo and conditioner, and surprisingly it got rid of my dad dress and my hair was healthy again. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Liked it! Smells good!

This is a great product however I dont use it everyday. I only use it a few times a month when my scalp becomes itchy and dry...then I use it for about a week and go back to my regular shampoo. I found that when I used it everyday for months and months my hair kept getting oilier and oilier. I have natural oily hair anyway, I have to wash it everyday. So I went back to my normal shampoo and just keep adding it back in as necessary.

I received a bunch of small samples of Clear around Christmas time last year and decided to add them to my presents. EVERYONE loves it! They are constantly saying how they had no idea that Clear existed before that sample but they can't be without it now! It makes my hair so soft and it feels so healthy!

I have naturally thick and dry hair. This stuff is very moisturizing. My hair feels silky smooth plus it smells great.

I realy enjoyed this product because it was nice and refreshing, and it did not leave a musty smell in my hair (i usualy tie up my hair to dry) it made my hair feeling nice and clean, i just wish it was in a bigger bottle.

I love, love, love this product. Not only does it smell great it works, my hair felt, looked and behaved better after trying this. I am always looking for a great sale on this, I personally use the dandruff flavor. I tend to have dry hair/scalp and this is like a nice cup of water for my hair, great moisture and it doe not leave residue like other shampoos out thee.

Smell is incredible. Leaves my hair soft and my scalp feeling good..

I think this is a great conditioner because first of all the scent is amazing and second of all my hair felt so smooth and it made my hair look shiny.