Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Toddler Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Natural Milk Flavor

Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Toddler Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Natural Milk Flavor

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My son does not like the drinks. I think if I had started him on these before giving him milk , he would have taken to it better.

my son did not like the flavor and would not drink. He likes regular milk better.

My daughter loves milk, but did not like this. She drank some, but wouldn't drink it all. I love the convenince of the package, but it's not very good if she refuses to drink it.

My child really did not like this drink. We even tried it with my older children (ages 6, 4, and 2) and none of them liked it. It didn't matter if it was room temp or cold, it didn't make it in this house.

My child did not like to taste of this product. He refused to finish it

I think the concept is an excellent one, however, my daughter tried it and said it was "yucky" and wouldn't drink anymore. I gave the rest of them to her daycare provider along with the coupons. She thought she might have one child who would like them since she won't drink milk, but I haven't heard the results yet. I will be giving the coupons away to our daycare provider as well, and she's going to give them to parents that she thinks would use them.

I really hoped my son would like these as they're so convenient when on the go, but no such luck. He took a few sips and didn't want anymore and won't give it another try. He loves milk, but this just wasn't for him. Thanks for letting us try them though!

My 2 1/2 year old did not like either of these drinks. He kept saying "I don't like it mommy". I tried it too and it was not very good in my opinion.

My children would not drink this flavor!

I like the convenience of something so healthy to take with us when we are on the go, but my daughter did not care for the natural milk flavor. Being the good mother I am, I tried it as well and I do not blame her for not wanting to drink that eagerly. Great concept just not quite perfected the taste yet. I gave the remaining ones to a friend for her toddler to drink so hopefully he likes it more than my daughter did.

My child didnt like this product. She tried it before I even had a chance to refrigerate it though. Both my kids loved the packaging, just not the flavor. I did pass them along to a couple of moms who have children that have a hard time gaining weight, as I believe it is better suited for them.

My baby took a few drinks and wont anymore- tried adding chocolate syrup to no avail. She is 2 and loves her chocolate milk, every container ive tried to get her to drink, she judst spits it out. sorry enfamil. i want to say she liked it, but she didnt.

He had the vanilla flavor first, so then moving to this I think he found it a little bland. Preferred regular milk over one of these. Maybe if we had tried this first he would have expected something more from it. Who knows.

My two year old didn't prefer the mild flavor. It is super convient in the ready to go cartens. Probably would be great for a toddler coming off formula.

My kids didn't love the drink although they are big whole milk drinkers. I tried it on my 2, 4, and 6 years old. The 2 year old drank it the best but still only would drink about half. The other 24 and 6 yo's are probably too used to whole milk and didn't like the taste of it they said. Even the vanilla wasn't a big hit for them. Maybe a strawberry or chocolate flavor would be better received by kids who aren't used to it? I think if I had started giving it to my 2 year old right as he turned one then it might be something he would drink better. So it's not something I would buy at this point, but I may try it right after the bottle stage with the next one.