Rotel Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies

Rotel Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies

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This is one prduct i cant Live Without I Use It In Chili Mecican dishes Meatloaf Dips Mexican Cornbread Veggie Soup

Best thing ever made! I use this a lot in my cheese dips and casseroles. Great way to spice things up with out adding too much heat. Plus the price is usually always on point.

Like rotel. Can use for lots of different things. However my store offers a generic brands that is just as good and $.50 cheaper. Not trying to pinch pennies rotel is great.

A must in my house. With the different varieties Rotel is great for making homemade salsa.

LOVE this! I always make sure to have a couple of cans of the tomato's with the green chili's to add to any Mexican dish I make. I cant live without it!

I love this its a really great blend i use it often my family loves it.

Love, love, love Rotel. This is a staple in my kitchen. Add it to brown gravy, mix with cheese for a dip, use it as a marinade, etc.

I make Dorito Chicken with this! Very yummy and it goes fast!

Omg! So many ways to use rotel,I love using it with my cheese,do good! ..endless ways to go with this products.

This is MUST BUY when my Husband and I grocery shop. This can be used in almost anything. There is a black bean dip we use this with. It's only black beans (over cooked) , corn, cooked onions, and this Rotel. Good and healthy.

I use these in a lot of different recipes

I use rotel a lot. I will have at least 2 or 3 cans in my pantry and I will buy several every month. I use them in my chicken in different ways. I have even used it in deer meat. There is endless ways to use rotel. I always get mild, tho.

Rotel is a must have pantry staple in my house. I add it to everything, even Ramen noodles. It's also good for jazzing up boring spaghetti and the obvious dips.

I love these canned tomatoes with green chills. I always have a can on hand. I use it for salsa or spanish rice. It's nice to have that extra kick of the green chili with the tomatoes so I don't have to buy them separately.

I love the flavor of this item. We make chicken spaghetti with it. Yummmy