Boogie Wipes Saline Wipes for Noses

Boogie Wipes Saline Wipes for Noses

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Seriously best things ever. I came upon these when my daughter was a small baby who couldn't grasp the concept of blowing her nose to get rid of boogies. Sometimes she'd get the most stuck in boogies that we'd have to pull them out with tweezers. I know that's not safe, but you do what you have to do to help the kid out. Anyway, these were a life saver! I could rub one of these on the boogies and they'd stick to the wipe and come out without fail! No more frustrated baby and no more tweezing boogies. We've since used these for EVERYTHING. They're perfect for runny noses, cleaning face and hands after eating, cleaning up messes from crafts, coloring, and painting... you name it. Some other uses I've heard of: Cleaning candy and gum out of hair Cleaning makeup off your face They're gentle so as not to redden your nose but strong and durable for really messy jobs! I had to get crayon out of an ottoman and this did it with ease!

I'm sorry, but to me this just seems like a huge waste of money. Are they convenient? I suppose so. But then again so is stuffing a package of travel-Kleenex in your purse. Plus, it isn't good to keep using saline solutions (or any other kind of liquid for that matter) to clean off your nose. Yes, they are nice and soothing the first few times, but continued use will dry out your nose. And if your child has sensitive skin (like mine does) getting his skin wet and then letting it evaporate is going to REALLY dry out his nose. I'd rather just teach him to use a tissue like everyone else. That way, he knows how to blow his nose AND we don't have to have yet ANOTHER transition phase in his growing up - the one from wet tissue to dry.

Awesome product, very gentle on sore little noses. A little on the expensive side for what you get, though.

My daughter does not run from getting her nose wiped with these! It's such a God send not to have to fight with her to get her face cleaned... especially when sick and snotty. We love the grape scented ones!

Love these! They are great especially when the kiddo has a very runny nose. They are not painful and really do help the boggers wipe off more easily.

I love this they smell so good and really help my baby to breath better.

I received these as a gift. Maybe I'm missing something, but I find a tissue or diaper wipe works just as well. I feel that it is an uneccessary expense. I do, however, think it is a cute baby shower gift. The word "boogie" always makes me giggle. So, while I don't buy them for my daughter, I do include them in baby shower gift baskets.

Smell so good and are so easy to use!

not sure these work to well but they do get the job done.

Boogie wipes are so nice when your little one has a runny nose. It does not irritate or make their nose sore like tissue.

I buy this product for all of my family and friends with a new baby. It is especially great for moms with more than one child because having one kid with a runny nose and also having a newborn can be very stressful. It's a must have!

This is a must for for moms.. It really helps out when my son gets a cold.. I always travel with a pack in my bag.

These wipes put a fun twist on something that's usually not so fun. My boys think they're funny. We love the name.

These make nose wiping less painful for everyone. They are moist so they make getting the "boogies" quick and easy. My older son loves that they are scented.

Boogie wipes are amazing. They are the only thing my son will let me use to wipe his nose. I think it's the smell. They are a bit pricey in most stores but the dollar tree where I live has them occasionally so I stock up when they do.