Lego Blocks

Lego Blocks

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I loved Legos when I was a child and had a big red pail of them. My daughter loves her pink tub of Legos. I'm sure my son will love Legos as soon as he's old enough to play with them!

Lego's are awesome both my boy's love them. It is something that never goes out of style and always a great gift idea.

Went over to a friends house the other day, and some how I got stuck in to playing lego blocks with his niece. It was actually pretty fun. I love watching my friends niece get so excited when she saw the blocks were as tall as her. The best part for her was to knock them down. =-)

Both my kids love love love legos!!!

can never go wrong with the classic lego blocks. My son loves these

Every kid needs legos. It sparks their imaginations! My son loves to build mommy houses. He plays and plays. They are super expensive though. And like people prior said, it hurts when one gets left around and you step on them!! lol.

I discovered Legos with my children. They are one of the few toys that could keep the entire family entertained for hours. We especially loved building castles, the more elaborate the better. My kids used their imaginations, gained motor skills, practiced sharing, and learned patience with these. A classic toy for a reason.

Kuds love them

My son loves these legos! They've helped him build excellent motor skills. The only down side is they hurt as heck when you step on them but the product is fun for all ages =)

My kids and I LOVE LEGOS!~!~ So innovative for young minds!!! Their imaginations are really used while playing with these matter what age, Lego has appropriate blocks for all ages!! The only thing I object to is the really HIGH prices for pieces of plastic...come on, Lego...get with the program!!

First I want to say Ouch! make sure your child, picks up their legos lol. I still give this a 5, beyond the ouch because you can create so much and the kids have tons of fun with theirs.

my favorite toy as a child and now its my childrens favorite toy too. we love it .

this is the best birthday gift my son received. He loves to stack one block over the other and it keeps him entertained for really long. It also helps him learn different colors and shapes. A must have in every home!!

i love them and my kids do too

My oldest son loves legos so much. He puts together some amazing things.