Elf Movie

Elf Movie

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This is a wonderful movie. I will stop and watch it any time it is shown on television and seek it out at Christmas time to watch with my daughter! It's family friendly and has a great moral to the story!

Super cute movie. Always cheers me up and love hearing my kids giggle.

We watch this movie every year. It's silly, but that's what makes it funny.

Great family movie! Love it!

Very funny movie. My kids love watching it all year long.

One of my favorite Christmas movies, a must watch for the holidays. Great comedy!

Elf is one of our favorite Christmas movies. We make it a point to watch it a few times a year(even when it's not Christmas time). We often quote the movie and laugh. Love it!

My favorite Christmas movie. Will ferrel is hilarious. This movie has you rolling the whole time and it has a really good story too. It's a really great movie

NOT a Will Ferrell fan but this movie is an exception. Love it!!

Will Ferrell makes the Christmas time funny, he make it adult time comedy funny for everyone. A orphan that slips into the Christmas bag of Santa and is raised to be a Elf like his surrogate father Bob Newhart. Buddy finally is told by Papa Elf that he is not a Elf but human and where to find his real father. He goes through everything from having his real father calling security on him to a snow ball fight in Central Park. However in the end Christmas is great, he gets married has a child and even writes his owe book. This was a great movie

This movie is hilarious! I absolutely love Will Ferrell and it's great to see him in a kid-friendly movie. Honestly, if I owned this movie I would probably watch it even if it wasn't the Holiday season yet.

my family loves this movie, we watch it all the time especially during the holidays, great family time funny funny movie

Great family movie the kids love it :-)


Good movie, very pg rated.