Baci Chocolate Truffles

Baci Chocolate Truffles

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I don't like hazelnut... or any kind of nuts so I gave these to my husband. He said they were okay... just okay. Nothing special.

Great tasting chocolate!! Perfect to just pop in your mouth! I had a hard time holding onto the two I got! I needed to go out and get more! It tasted almost like a solid form of the popular hazelnut spread I like to put on bread!

These are good but somewhat ordinary. I don't think I would go out of my way to purchase them.

These truffles are delicious. The chocolate is delicate and melts in your mouth. I too am a Lindt addict, but have to admit that these are going to give them a run for their money!

These truffles are a delightful treat! This chocolate-hazelnut confection comes with a surprising little love note inside of each one! I am a true fan of chocolate with nuts, but these take that to another level. Sophisticated, adorable and yummy! Thank you for sharing. :-)

Nice little afternoon treat. Would prefer to have the hazelnut in the middle of the candy instead of on top, but who to complain about this afternoon luxury.

I thought they were delicious, my son wanted some so I gave him a SMALL taste. He wanted to eat the other one. I had to say no.

My husband really liked the truffles and ate them before I could.

I was ecstatic to see dark chocolate truffles when I opened my Cravebox! I had never heard of Baci, so I was intrigued. I definitely was not disappointed. The flavor is extraordinary, and the hazelnut added a nice crunch. I was pleasantly surprised to find the little quotes on the inside of the wrapper.

The first thing I opened and they lasted about a minute! Great intense flavor and melt in your mouth chocolate.

Awesome! Intense chocolate with nuts - can't be beat.

These chocolates were the first things I tried right "out of the box"! They are awesome! I couldn't eat just one! I tried to save one for my husband, but I'll have to BUY some for HIM to taste them!

I thought the flavor was great, I am not a big fan of dark chocolate but it was pretty good.

Amazing Hazelnut truffle, Lindt used to make my favorite but stopped. Thank you for having this in the cravebox, I now have a new favorite chocolate treat!

Best chocolate bonbon type treat ever. Beats Ferrero Rocher, Lindt, and all the other little imitators. There is a reason"they chose "Baci" for the name - it is Italian for kiss, and better meets that standard than the poor substitute Hershey's Kiss.