Tide Coldwater

Tide Coldwater

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This is great for washing sweaters and fabrics that need to be washed in the cold water. It's great!

I wash my clothes in cold water anyways! This is great because it is designed for cold water usage. This gets the stains out and cleans just as well as if you were using warm/hot water.

Tide is my choice is detergent b/c not only does it clean my clothes but it leave a fresh scent, its the only brand I use that doesn't give me a skin reaction.

it works great.

This product worked absolutely wonderful. I always have stained clothes to struggle with but I had no struggles with this detergent.

I have been a tide person for quite awhile and this cold water detergent is on par with the tide brand. I don't know if I permanently switch from the regular (I like buying one giant bottle at a time via costco) but it's definitely given me something to think about.

I love tide

So here is the cold water scoop?..I was given the opportunity to test out Tide Cold Water Laundry Detergent for myself for FREE through a program that I participated in with Shespeaks. I am also being given a $50 Gift Card to use at the PGestore. I was sent a FREE bottle of Tide Cold Water and was asked to put it to the test and give my feedback and I must admit I was very skeptical of my laundry getting clean using cold water but man o man was I surprised. Not only did my laundry get unbelievably clean but I also was able to save energy and money by being able to wash my laundry with COLD water yes that?s right COLD water rather than my usual hot water. I have a habit of using hot water for ALL my laundry just because it gives me the feeling that it will clean my clothes better but now I convinced and will be an avid user of Tide Cold Water laundry detergent. I was very pleased with this product and it will now be a part of my laundry regiment from here on in. I was also able to sell my mother in law on it she happened to be in town when I got my free bottle of Tide Cold Water from Shespeaks and didn?t believe it would get the job done but she did laundry with me and now she will be using Tide Cold Water as well and is on her way to saving money while getting her laundry clean. I definitely recommend this product it definitely is a great product and will save you money while getting your laundry clean?.Thank you Tide and Shespeaks for the opportunity to test this product! This Post was made on behalf of "ezbuyselltrade" Wife Mom and Household Engineer Who Love's To Share My Opinion On Products. http://okiegirl38.wordpress.com/

I want to start off by saying that this product is ridiculously expensive compared to other brands out there but it's honestly worth the money. Does a good job of cleaning and you really don't need to use that much per load.

This is a fabulous product! No addatives needed to get even the toughest stains; often made my children. It a real money saver. clothes come out spotless and smell so fresh and clean. It's easier on appliances and saves on heating bills. I love it and the variety of scents!

I have a large family that is very active this is the best product out there to do the job

It does cost a little bit more than the other detergents, but it is worth the price. Kepp the clothes well clean.

Tide really does work better than anything out there..........but I'm not done looking because the price is crazy!

I was buying another cheap brand that wasn't washing my clothes as well. I came across a promotional coupon to try this and it happened to be on sale at my local store at the same time. I bought it and was pleasantly surprised. My clothes came out brighter! Even a couple old stains on my table clothe for Thanksgiving that weren't removed after a few washes in other detergent came right out with this one. The other reason I was hesitant is that Tide was known for being harsh on skin and my fiance use to be allergic. Either it went away or they changed their product for the better because he does not have any problems with it. The only issue I have is the price. It can be simply outrageous and when you're in a big family that has to do a lot of laundry on a regular basis, you want to save money where you can. I still love the way it cleans clothes and the smell is divine. I also find my clothes are still quite soft even without fabric softener.

I can't get over how great ANY tide product is. The smell is great, clothes fade less, and the detergent isn't harsh at all. I just hate how expensive it can be. I can save money with the electric and that's great but a $14 bottle can really damper my mood. :/ I still prefer ride over any other!