Twix Caramel Chocolate Cookie Bar

Twix Caramel Chocolate Cookie Bar

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Twix for the win! Chocolate, caramel, and a cookie center? What's not to love? These Twix definitely fill that candy sweet craving.

Right Side or Left Side? Are you kidding, it's a twix. You eat one side and then the other. It's delicious! A crunchy cookie covered with caramel and covered in chocolate. If you haven't had one you're missing out.

Yummy! This is actually one of my favorite candy bars. I'm allergic to nuts so I really enjoy the fact that there are no peanuts or peanut butter in Twix. My next plan is to break down the flavors and make Twix Cupcakes. Yummy!

I love this candy. The cookie crunch and the gooey caramel and chocolate pulls it all together. My favorite candy.

Twix candy are very good. I love to eat them after they have been in the freezer for about 10 minutes.

Twix is Best I am chocolate lover, I love having Twix, the quality of taste is 100%.

Yummy! I love Twix! Definitely one of my top candy picks!

Twix Twix is a classic candy bar that will always be a favorite. With a butter crunch cookie center, this candy is covered with caramel and chocolate, satisfying any sweet tooth. A favorite of mine, especially at Halloween.

I love Twix! The combination of chocolate, cookie and caramel is wonderful! Great to eat when you just need to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Twix Great candy snack that satisfies your chocolate candy and cookie cravings. Love the carmel too. One of my favorites. Affordable yet tastes so good.

Twix tastes so good! Chocolate, caramel, cookie, are put together to make this delicious treat. A top favorite among most.

#1 candy bar I normally don't eat candy bars or sweets in general but these are my guilty pleasure! Perfect ratio of chocolate, caramel, and the oh so delicious crunch! They are delicious room temperature, refrigerated, or frozen.

I love it. Right amount of chocolate, caramel and the nugget👍

Twix is the perfect combination candy. I love the crunch of it.

Very good and lot of caramel. The cookie is very crispy and fresh.