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  • MichelleAlwayslearning By  MichelleAlwayslearning    

    works great to flavor any dish.

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  • momofour6 By  momofour6    

    This is the only brand I will use. Hot Italian sausage by Johnsonville is my go to for when I cook ziti, lasagna, and of course spaghetti. I have to by 4 to 5 packages to have them stocked up in my freezer. They are usually sold out every time I go to the store.

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  • zebragirl42 By  zebragirl42    

    I can't wait for cooler temperatures because one of our all time favorites is minestrone with Italian sausage. We have it at least once a month when it's cold. I also like this sausage on pizza, in Italian casseroles and even substituted it last night for chorizo in a mexican dish. Yummy

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  • twilkers2 By  twilkers2    

    My all time favorite. I have to have them at least once a week.

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  • DeejaVuu By  DeejaVuu    

    I don't really eat sausage but Johnson is pretty good!

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  • winnie05 By  winnie05    

    My whole family loves their sausage. Especially my picky eater!

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  • roysdeb By  roysdeb    

    We have had this one on the grill and I added it to my jambalaya recently, it was great! This is a family favorite.

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  • angsmith By  angsmith    

    My kids favorite due to being less spicy. All time favorite brand!

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  • madupers By  madupers    

    Our family tried the chicken version and we loved it to the point of stopping the regular ones. They are truly tasty, juicy and delicious. Add them to pasta and with their seasoning, they are a perfect match.

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  • khristine By  khristine    

    These are really good.The kids like them also

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  • ldanek By  ldanek    

    When my family wants to grill there is always Johnsonville Sweet Italian Sausages. Everyone loves their taste. I haven't found a better sausage.

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  • Mckenna_1444 By  Mckenna_1444    

    I don't always buy name brand everything but Johnsonville is one name brand that I stand by. These italian sausages are hearty, delicious, and consistently flavorful. I love using them in everything from quiche to throwing them on the grill!

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  • Rameyw By  Rameyw    

    These are BY FAR my most Italian sausages. I squeeze them out of their casings into the pan w/burger for my meat sauce to go over my pasta. YUM YUM

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  • lisakuznik By  lisakuznik     SheSpeaks Tester

    I absolutely love this sausage - it's better than mild it has a great flavor

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  • cpnllworth By  cpnllworth    

    My favorite sausage!

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