Johnsonville Hot Italian Sausage

Johnsonville Hot Italian Sausage

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Love this stuff!!! I made a killer spaghetti casserole with the mixture of this and ground turkey. Perfect flavor!

I love them. Tast great. Deliuese with pasta as well.

I love Johnsonville Hot Sausage. The flavors are spot on, not to spicy, but with just enough kick to get the taste buds going. I use them so many ways, from a hogie sandwich with peppers and onions, to chopped up on pizza, to sitting on top of a mound of pasta. They are made with quality ingredients, as they cook, they are not swimming in their own fat, as with other brands. They are the best.

My favorite. Can eat them with nothing but there also good in gumbo, jambalaya, spaghetti, and even in omelettes. OK now I'm hungry.....

Tried some for the first time today. My taste buds were jumping in excitement. I'll be eating them from now on. Tasty!!

very good and easy to cook

Not a meat eater but I make these for my husband. he likes them

Fantastic Sausage, I love this brand! I usually put both Hot and sweet sausage from Johnsonville, in my pot of sauce on Sunday. I let it cook from Morning until afternoon. Put on the pasta, make a salad and have a great Sunday Italian Dinner!

I tried these with sautéed onions an peppers very good!!!;)

Sooooooo good. Especially in spaghetti.

Fantastic as an extra umph in a Jambalaya Mix! If you can handle a little heat! lol

Use to buy Maglio s. This is better

I absolutely love Johnsonville and these never disappoint. Love them sauteed with onions and peppers, but especially thrown in some sauce. They are hot, but once meshed with bread, they're heaven. Quality product that I purchase often!

Adds that extra spice to spaghetti!

My Children think its a bit to spicy, but I like it a lot!