Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

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The only ones i use!

I only use Huggies baby wipes. They may be more expensive than store brands, or maybe even other brands, but are worth every penny. They will not rip during those messy diaper changes and they take the odor away from baby's skin. I also use them to wipe up messes, shoes, and whatever else I may need them for.

I recently bought these wipes because I had a coupon. I like that they are thick and havea cute texture on tthem, however they aren't as moist has a wipe should be and are a little rough for my baby girl.

We are addicted to Huggies wipes! Nothing is as strong and soft as the Huggies brand wipes. I love these and stockpile them!

Huggies wipes are great. The wipes are thicker than other brands, cleans great!

hese are pretty great! I love the texture on them and their thick

I do not like the texture or thickness of the Huggies brand wipes. Also, I don't feel like they are as moist as I would like a wipe to be. I even have a hard time getting them to separate from each other when trying to remove one from the wipes box. For this reason, I only ever used Pampers or Target brand wipes with my two children!

Works great, keeps her dry. The only diapers we purchase on this household! Great value for your money!!

Not that my baby ever had sensitive skin, but I felt better about getting these just in case. I loved them. Compared to some other brand wipes I'd tried, these felt strong enough to handle tough jobs but were gentle enough not to bother the baby. These are the only wipes we use

These are pretty great! I love the texture on them, and I don't feel like they are too harsh on my baby's skin. A lot of "gentle" wipes have a strange feel to the material and I feel like I'm just sliding the mess around on my baby's hind end instead of actually wiping it up. If you're looking for gentle wipes and want to actually clean baby's tushie, these are the wipes to get!

The BEST wipes for eczema-prone skin! I will never use another brand. Great for on-the-go messes, too. We love the unscented wipes the best! Great cleaning power without causing break-outs!

I love Huggies diaper wipes. I use them for everything, other than its main purpose. I use them to wipe down the inside of my car, on my children, on my floor. I figure if they are good enough for my children, they're good enough for everything. Even after my children are all out of diaper I will continue to buy.

I love the Huggies wipes :-)

Great wipes! My daughter loves them

The only wipes I use for my kids. Love them!