Dr Brown's  by Handicraft Natural Flow BPA free Baby Bottles

Dr Brown's by Handicraft Natural Flow BPA free Baby Bottles

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These bottles are a little expensive but are the best bottles for colics.

They are a bit expensive but well worth the money. When my daughter was first born, she had trouble feeding, and had problems with spitting up and gas. We switched to Dr. Brown's PROBLEM SOLVED. A complaint I've heard over and over is that they are difficult to clean. They take maybe an extra five minutes to clean all the equipment. They give you a special brush to make it simple. Do be sure to use the insert with the bottle though or else the bottle will leak.

I used these for my breastfed baby when I had to go back to work and he transitioned very easily to the bottle. My son had no problem going back and forth from these bottles to breastfeeding when I was home. I just gave one of these to my friend whose newborn was having difficulty taking a bottle and she took these bottles right away. I would recommend to anyone who wants to continue breastfeeding but also has to give a bottle sometimes.

I used these for my firstborn son who had a lot of spit-up and gas from another brand of bottles I was using. He also had colic and the Dr. Brown bottles were a huge improvement compared to the other ones. I love these bottles so much that I always recommend these to family and friends. My second son is now using them and I still love them as much as the first time.

I tried several different brands of bottles because my daughter had colic. I did not see that these bottles helped. They were expensive and have too many parts.

Great bottles for colic or just gassy babies. Wish I had these with my son 12 years ago. He had colic. I was only able to purchase the 1 set of 3 for my daughter, being a single mom the cost was just 2 expensive for me. They are also too plain. I like the cute baby design bottles. Great bottles just too expensive.

worth the clean up if baby is satisfied and not full of gas..even after a good burbing my little ones still have gas from their intollerances to so many things we are still trying to pin down..atleast sucking down a bunch of air is one less concern.

I'm so glad my pediatrician recommended these bottles when my daughter was an infant. They made a huge difference instantly. Yes, lots of pieces to wash but totally worth it (and cheaper than buying hundreds of drop-ins!)

Best bottles - I used these for my two grandchildren and they really help with gas. Well worth the money and extra effort to wash all of the pieces.

The pieces for a simple baby bottle can get a bit annoying at first, but nonetheless, I found that it is a wonderful bottle that does just as it says. I have used it with both of my sons and will definitely be using Dr. Brown's bottles for our third child.

These are the best bottles on the market...I understand when parents say they have alot of pieces which is true but its not bad to clean...Believe me I would wash 20 pieces just for my baby not to scream that his belly hurts! I also used them when I was breast feeding and my baby didn't reject them...For all they do they are not expensive!

I have been using these bottles for over a year and they are fantastic. I have had no gas issues with the baby and though I have heard a lot of feedback on how hard they are to clean because of all the parts I don't think it's that bad.

I love these bottles! We have an easy eater, no gas, no fuss baby and I always its because of these bottles. My cousin came over to vist and she has 3 month old twins and saw my daughters bottle and mentioned how fancy they looked (she had never seen them) I had a few that were unused and still in the box and I gave them to her for the babies to try. Needless to say she sent us a card to thank us!

I was given a set by a friend to see if it would help my daughter not take in so much air...we honestly couldn't tell a difference in these bottles compared to the brand we were already using and my daughter liked the other brand, she could hold those better. I also didn't like that there are so many pieces to wash and that a special little brush is needed to really get some of the pieces clean. These bottles might work well for some but we will stick to the brand we started out with...those are much more affordable, much easier to clean, and they reduce the air intake just as well as these Dr. Brown's bottles.

Love these! Bought 2 sets for my first grandson & they work great! they are a pain to clean but they really help with his gas. He burps so much easier since using these.