Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment

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really works Great for heling anything dry or chapped. Really works that it has no scent as well.

I recommend aquaphor healing ointment love this product and company. Would definately recommend using it.

Good for dry spots This is great to have on hand for rashes and dry spots of skin. Before bed (during the winter) I apply it to cracks on my hands and then put on a bandaid and by morning it is well moisturized and on it's way to healing.

Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment is great on hands and feet. It really helps with the moisturizing.

Love this product This is my go to diaper cream. I use it after almost every diaper change. Especially with my kids sensitive skin it is hard to find something that doesn?t irritate

best over the counter ointment!! love this item. I have used it for my sons rashes, eczema and dry skin many many times. I am thankful for an over the counter product like this. Also helps with chapped lips :)

Multi-purpose product his product is great for so many things. For instance, when I got my first tattoo a small tube of Aquaphor is what the parlor provided for after-care. But now I have the big tub of it by my bed and use it as a lip mask before bed and as a moisturizer on extra dry days. It can also be used as a subtle highlight and glitter primer, and so much more!

Love this product Works amazing for all 3 of my kids bottoms! Definitely recommend, helps with rashes and to protect your babies bottom

Wonderful for Chapped Skin Here in MN, we have alot of cold, wintry days, so Aquaphor is wonderful. It helps during cold and flu season for keeping red and raw faces moistuized and soft.

Love this stuff! Prevent excema flare ups too! Love this stuff! It works wonders on my both of my babies' dry skin and now my oldest is 4 and it's still works great. Clears up any dry or rough areas super fast! By youngest has excema and it works great at preventing flare ups also!

This is an alright lip balm. It is really gentle and has no scent, so it is good for those sensitive to perfumes. However, the product is too thin and light and does not give too much long lasting moisture. I would not repurchase, but it is worth a try for others.

This stuff is amazing! It prevents and cures diaper rash and a whole slew of other ailments! I put it on eczema spots, cuts, dry skin, etc. There isn't a gross smell and the tub will last you a lifetime!

We have used this since i was pregnant the first time over 7 years ago! We use aquaphor for EVERYTHING! Rashes, scratches, burns, chaffed or chapped skin!!

Great product Very helpful product. We have been very happy with it.

Excedrin Aquaphor Healing Ointment Use it often on geriatric patients to soothe dry skin. Works well.