CBS Big Bang Theory

CBS Big Bang Theory

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it s funny show but not my favourite!!!

This is my favorite television show. I watch the new shows every week and reruns each day on various stations. Sheldon is my favorite character. All of the characters are soooooo funny.

Love this show. I gave gotten my entire family hooked on this show. It reminds me of Frasier. They are so smart they are stupid.

Been watching this show since day one, and it's honestly one of the few shows on television today. It has humor, drama, science, loveable characters... everything to keep you interested even after 6 years

This show is very cute and funny. as a classic over the years, I see reruns remaining on major networks for years to come.

This show is hilarious, mostly due to Sheldon. The writing is funny and the characters are loveable. I gave it four stars because I don't like that a lot of the humor is sexual. Sheldon steals the show and makes it worth watching!

I love this show for one reason... Dr. Sheldon Cooper. Though the other characters are enjoyable and even quite funny at times, Sheldon makes this show hilarious!! Jim Parsons was made for this role!

After watching a few episodes of this show, I find it quite funny. Though it doesnt take a rocket scientist to get all the jokes and puns that they makes, it can however get a little confusing. I love how they have the battle of the sexes moments and how majority of the guys have such intelligence. I give this show a thumbs up!

OMG.... was turned onto this show by a student a couple years I won't miss it. The show takes 4 science geeks (stereotyped, of course) and actually show them as real people...Sheldon rocks.

Never miss this show, keeps me and my husband laughing. Great actors that work so well together. Great comedy and there is not many!

Some people LOVE this show, but I just don;t get it. I have tried to get into it but EVERY episode is about nerds looking to get laid.

This is our family show. Our entire family likes to watch this together!

One of my go to shows when I go On Demand. We watch it every week and it is just an awesome show.

I started watching this the first season and fell in love with it. It was different and at a time when we didn't have many choices other than "reality" shows. I still watch it sometimes but like most shows that run for a long time I got a little bored with it every week.

Smartest comedy on TV today. The sarcastic witty humor is amazingly well written... i watch and re watch episodes, never getting bored with them!