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  • aliston By  aliston    

    I use this in the kitchen to clean up the crumbs and on the hard wood floors to clean up the dog hair. You have to plug it in after every use, mine doesn't seem to keep a charge for very long. I would recommend it if you are on a budget and have mostly hardwood or tile floors, but I think there are better products out there.

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  • gianni8 By  gianni8    

    This is my cleaning buddy and I just love it because it is light in weight and easy to use....the best product made!

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  • rawls2 By  rawls2    

    Poor battery life plus not very good suction.

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  • sparklyglittereve By  sparklyglittereve    

    Although it dose clean up most messes, the swiffer vac holds no charge. It is a pain to charge it for long periods of time for a short 10 mins of battery life.

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  • holycitymama By  holycitymama    

    I purchased the sweep and vac when we renovated and got all hard wood floors. I use it to pick up the majority of the dirt/hair, crumbs but it definitely leaves residue behind. Also, as many others have mentioned, it doesn't hold charge long enough! I can only do about half my house before it dies. Then it takes forever to re-charge. They should make a cord version...or add batteries as back-up power.

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  • tricia12 By  tricia12    

    I love swiffer products but i hate this vac it does not work well and forget if you have pets, it just clogs up and is useless for more than 3 min.

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  • bobbie48 By  bobbie48    

    my only problem with the swifter vac it doesnt stay charge long enough I use this everyday on my hardwood floors and bathroom,I only gave three stars because of length of charge

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  • Velghali By  Velghali    

    Was a waste of money, It wouldn't suck up the sand from the living room, so I tried it in the bathrooms. It only picks up light debris. Like hair and dust.

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  • AprilClemmons By  AprilClemmons    

    I really liked it at first. But, after only a couple weeks the power button broke. So, to use it I have to continuously hold the button down for it to stay on. I emailed Swiffer & was told I'm pretty much out of luck. I could give them the info on the model but I would have to pay for the part(s). Either that or buy a new one. I didn't do it. I still use it sometimes but normally I just sweep up the kids spilled cereal.

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  • iDachs By  iDachs    

    I have found it VERY useful in the bathroom. Around the sink, around the toilet. Same in the kitchen, although, I do hope you haven't got a toilet in the kitchen, but if you do, this is a very nice item to use to pick up little scraps of paper and hair. I would wonder about the scraps of paper in the bathroom, but not as much as I would worry about the hair in the kitchen.. Very good item indeed..!!

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  • NJhousewife22 By  NJhousewife22    

    Love mine! Great for daily sweeping up of the dog hair. Wish the vacuum container was a bit larger. It requires frequent emptying.

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  • juliet By  juliet    

    Not for large spaces. Good for picking up hairs. I have thick hair that is always getting all over the floors. This picks tnem up easily.

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  • hannahsmom04 By  hannahsmom04    

    this is ok for picking up dust and small light weight items. good for quick daily cleaning

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  • marnierily By  marnierily    

    Did not care for it. sprayer sucks.

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  • dparker54 By  dparker54    

    Isaw commerical for these vacuums but never tried them. It seems when you buy something from watching a commerical, it don't work as well as the commerical states. Maybe I need to buy one just to check out if it is as good as it says in the commerical.

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