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  • Beloved2809 By  Beloved2809    

    I love the Grape Seed Peel Off Mask as well!

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  • amycx_ By  amycx_    

    I love this facial mask! It's cheap and works well, I can feel the difference after I wash the mask off. My skin feels tight, clean and so refresh. I love the smell, and I use it weekly. I also make my boyfriend use it too.

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  • bellaleo By  bellaleo    

    This is great to have around the house for when your skin breaks out and you need to fix it fast. I had one tube forever and threw it away because it was old but now I haven't seen it in the stores again to replace. Great inexpensive product that really works.

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  • Lashes By  Lashes    

    Great product! I have been using it for years. It definitely works as well, if not better, than the more expensive brands I have since tried.

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  • Jen7145 By  Jen7145    

    I was not a participant with this product, but following participants suggestions, I chose to try it. I love it!!!! My daughters have also started using it and are huge fans. I really is worth reading everyones reviews. It made me try a product I will be using from now on.

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  • KirstieChaos By  KirstieChaos    

    love it. it works great. i love the texture and the smell.. and my skin feels FAB when i am done :)

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  • katabbottie By  katabbottie    

    I love this mask. I bought it because of all the great reviews I read and because it is so inexpensive. It really makes your face feel smooth after you use it and it has helped to minimize some of my larger pores around my nose.

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  • CHRISTINE24666 By  CHRISTINE24666    

    This stuff is good for dabbing on pimples overnight. They will shrink significantly overnight!

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  • Stephbff By  Stephbff    

    I use the Quee Helene mud mask and it works just as we as any mask out there. It also cost about $4. It contains kaolin clay which is good for your skin and found in lots of pricy department store masks. I'll have to give the mint julep a try.

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  • monicalaughs By  monicalaughs    

    I think this product was absolutely amazing. I applied it while in the shower and leave it on for fifteen minutes as it hardens. This truly dries up pimples, shrinks pores, and leaves every single pore in your face clean! I use this weekly for the perfect deep cleaning. I recommend it to anyone who wears make up on their face! Minty feeling is so awesome too. And nobody beats the price at walgreens! only 4 bucks! MUST HAVE.

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