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  • sara321 By  sara321    

    I really didn't have much success with these. I found them to be challenging to use correctly most of the time. My son had acid reflux really bad as a baby and these bottles never seemed to control the air getting to him like they were supposed to. Plus, it was difficult to set it down while burping the baby. These could all be user error things. I was very sleep deprived through much of my time with my first child.

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  • pinkyshelly By  pinkyshelly    

    i saw my friend using this and she can feed her baby easily.

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  • Sina_Veiga By  Sina_Veiga    

    The only bottles my kids would take! We tried so many brands and these were the winner :)

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  • Proud_Mommy_Of_4 By  Proud_Mommy_Of_4    

    Really great at first. But I'm tired of having to wash and keep up with all the pieces.

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  • Sheenak By  Sheenak    

    I have used these bottles with all three of my children and love them!

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  • jenigirl4 By  jenigirl4    

    These aare supposed to help with colic, well they didn't, In fact I think they made it worse. The design is okay, not a bottle I would recommend. We switched to MAM brand and never looked back.

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  • tprice7 By  tprice7    

    I used these bottles the first couple of weeks, but my daughter had reflex super bad and these were not helping her at all. I did like the bottles as far as product and look.

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  • 87rbbjef By  87rbbjef    

    Pretty good

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  • Jessgurl723 By  Jessgurl723    

    These were nice for my first child he ate well out of them. My second refused them but she was picky!!

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  • JLFahie By  JLFahie    

    Great bottles. My son always spit up tons after eating until we switched to the playtex air vent bottles. Spitting up is no longer a problem and has decreased my laundry load to less than half!

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  • Randimichelle95 By  Randimichelle95    

    Love this I have 2 but would like to invest into more! My daughter just started getting acid reflux and the 2 a have seem to substantially help! Will be buying more!

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  • brandymills21281 By  brandymills21281    

    They made it.easier to feed my babies. There was no air.

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  • StaceyLynn54321 By  StaceyLynn54321    

    Great bottles! These are the only bottles we would use for my step daughter and we never had a problem with them. We even got them for our daughter who was just born but I ended up exclusively breastfeeding instead. I definitely recommend these bottles.

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  • MyEmptyCanvas By  MyEmptyCanvas    

    Good bottles and unlike some bottles, these did not keep lots of bubbles inside.

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  • londonlane By  londonlane    

    We used these with ouer oldest daughter and they worked wonderfully. They are great for feeding in more of an up-right sitting position.

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