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  • tinkergirl By  tinkergirl    

    I bought one of these for my grandson while he was teething and he absolutely LOVED it. When he saw me get it out, he was right there tugging on my leg waiting for me to fill it up for him. The only thing we didn't like was the difficulty in cleaning it. The squashed food has a tendency to collect where the ring and the net meet. Also, if you don't clean it out right when your child is finished, the food dries making it nearly impossible to clean. All in all, a great product and I'd recommend it to anyone!

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  • Presto By  Presto    

    My daughter LOVED this! it was great to introduce her to new foods, you can replace the nets & its a little pain to clean but its so worth it to buy. I had to replace mine a few times because my daughter loves to feed our dog & she shared the cookie inside with our dog & my dog is too smart for her own good & would open the twist part or the snap, never destroyed the net.....I would buy this again!

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  • kmatusky By  kmatusky    

    awesome invention....saves on buying baby food in jars and helps make the next step to whole foods easier.

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  • alaskajamaica By  alaskajamaica    

    OH MY!!! I LOVE THIS THING. I only put ice in it for my teeting daughter. I wish I was not so afraid of it for my son. Love it!!!

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  • jupitergrl By  jupitergrl    

    I agree with all the other comments, great for frozen fruits/veggies but hard to clean the net inside.

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  • samiam54 By  samiam54    

    I use the frozen bananas for my child who is 5 months old and teething. I would recommend it to other Moms.

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