Velveeta Shells and Cheese Cup

Velveeta Shells and Cheese Cup

              Rated #25 in Grains Pasta & Side Dishes
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The kids loved this and was so easy for them to make.

These are great for the kids!!!! So easy to fix.

perfect for kids and it's cheesey and it was under a dollar to purchase.

We have super Walmarts around here that have them for 98 cents! I got the reduced fat one (2 % milk) because I am on WW and I thought they were delicious. I haven't eaten Velveeta in years, but it was definitely better than the Kraft mac and least to me.

It was okay but not something I'd ever buy for myself again. The portion size is too small for an adult and I thought it was extremely salty. It's better than the regular mac 'n cheese in a cup but not worth the price.

Very good. Quick and easy. Great for people on the go. Tastes great.

Easy, and convenient for on the go moms.

Blech. Runny, doesn't cook up well, overprocessed and full of starch and fat, chemicals and salt. Easy, convenient, and very unhealthy.

easy to make but not much flavor

very easy and conveinent, has a good portion for my kids to share but not enough for an adult.

Easy and quick to make and also tastes great! I love it!

ummm!i want some