HBO True Blood

HBO True Blood

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This show is addictive. From the first episode I was hooked. I have to confess like lala I first started watching because I'm from Louisiana but I'm so glad I did.

Ok so maybe I am a little biased because the show is filmed in the "ficticious" town of Bon Temps in my home state Louisiana-but folks this show is definately a guilty pleasure!! I would definately advise starting back and watching all the seasons-to catch up-but this is definately a wonderfully filmed "steamy",fun, sexy series for men and women alike. I even have True Blood themed parties-definately a MUST SEE!!

I didn't believe all the hype until I actually started watching this show. Now I'm addicted! While there is a bit too much nudity for my taste, the plot makes up for it!

Love this show. I'm hoping the next season is better than last just wasn't as great as it could and should have been. Hello, I read book 4! I know how the "shower scene" was supposed to be! Lol

I really enjoy the show but as the seasons have progressed, there is a bit too much hocus pocus for my taste. I know, I mean, if there are vampires and shape shifters then why not weird goat ladies, werewolves, fairies who turn into weird looking trolls, and witches exist? It just takes it in way too many directions. Still, I watch it and find myself eager for the next episode.

This show is addictive! I love it! one of my favorite shows! Total guilty pleasure!

Starting watching at the end of season 1, and have been hooked since then. It also got me reading the books. Can't wait to see what happens next! And the eye-candy on the show is top of the line!

I was recently introduced to this show and I am HOOKED!!! I loved the books and now I am in love with the show. Definitely a show for adults only!!! Love Bill and Sookie together.

KInda makes you want to be a vamp

Cant get enough of True Blood! Thanks for this quilty pleasure!

This is an excellent series! Both my husband and I can enjoy it. It is one of my all time favorite shows. The story lines keep getting better as the series goes on. 5 plus stars!!!

I am totally obsessed with True Blood awesome books-have them all. The show is fantastic. My only complaint is I wish they would have followed the book. Some of the people they threw in are a little dumb and changing of the story line stressess me out! I want to be Sookie!

The series of books is amazing. The TV series is also good, but like any book turned into a movie or show it can never been exactky the same. Love the characters and the story lines. Always leaves me wanting more when the show ends. Looking forward to it being back on in 2012.

I've read all the books. At first I thought the books were kinda dumb, but then I really got into them. And I love the show! Super addicting, was great from episode one. Very cool!

Love the books and I do not miss a show. It is incredibly entertaining for adults only for sure, but a wonderful way to escape the realities of the real world which can sometimes be much more grueling.