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  • Jesslin By  Jesslin    

    Today I bought this product and when I opened the package I realized that only ONE of the promised four blades was actually included. The package was arranged in such a way that you couldn't see the blades until it had been completely opened. What a low trick!

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  • loriejackson24 By  loriejackson24    

    Great razor for women you get a close shave and very easy to hold onto

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  • tigercow59 By  tigercow59    

    Schick great razor

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  • rosethesick By  rosethesick    

    This is a all time favorite of mine. No bad experiences from using this product for a couple years now

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  • pertylady83 By  pertylady83    

    This razor is a keeper! Great close shave, comfortable to hold and gets the job done!

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  • grammaintn By  grammaintn    

    This razor is good but not as good as others I have tried. I like a razor to give a very close shave and I do not get that with the Quatro.

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  • juli8587 By  juli8587    

    This was my faovrite razor til I got the venus olay one.

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  • Nicksmommy52 By  Nicksmommy52    

    Schick Quattro is the only brand I can use. I always get a nice, smooth shave with these razors. Most razors cause major irritation, and nicks, but I do not have this problem with my pretty, pink Schick Quattro!

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  • BeachBum2Be By  BeachBum2Be    

    This razor is sharp and makes quick work of shaving. I have used it for years and the only complaint it is a little costly. But quality is worth paying for. I

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  • sweeterikita By  sweeterikita    

    I don't have any complaines, i use quattro already for 5 or 6 years and it work great to me , smooth and fast, shave my legs, arms, underarm, and ig good, i like speccialy it last long, yea, very happy with this one.

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  • vivian1969 By  vivian1969    

    This is the best razor I have ever used. It get rid of all the hair on my legs. The hair would stay gone longer. With other razors I would see stuble the next day. I just wish the refill cartridiges were more affordable.

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  • stesmi By  stesmi    

    One of my favorites. After using my cheap razors, I love the smoothness of the multiple blades. Well worth the money if you are looking for a close, comfortable shave.

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  • jacobs9 By  jacobs9    

    I used to use Gillette but this razor has way more blades and is thicker so it makes it easier to hold onto. Great product!

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  • schubertjan By  schubertjan    


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  • casinoqueen555 By  casinoqueen555    

    very good

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