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  • klokopville By  klokopville    

    4 out of 5, becasue no measurable performance difference over other brands. I will say that the berry flavor is very easy to give to our kids. In order fot the medicine to work, the kids must swallow it. They have done a very nice job with the flavoring of the beryy flavor. Have used this in the infant drops too and it is equaly good.

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  • Ahyden By  Ahyden    

    I would use this over tyenol anyday..tyenol has too many recalls. It works great!

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  • lorimangnall1 By  lorimangnall1    
    11.09.10 Concerns have been raised with regards to the connection between ibuprofen products such as Motrin, and the potentially fatal skin disease, Stevens Johnson Syndrome. Stevens Johnson Syndrome is a diseases that has been linked to a number of drugs, and at best can cause massive discomfort and pain. The painful struggle and death of nine-year-old Kaitlyn Langstaff is one heartbreaking example of the dangers of Children's Motrin. Kaitlyn's parents have sued the maker of the drug alleging that their daughter's reaction to Children's Motrin left Kaitlyn unable to see, speak or eat and that the manufacturer failed to warn the public of the dangers and possibly fatal reactions. Here is one family's struggle that hits close to home for me, Please visit this site and read! Your kids could be next!

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  • konigin By  konigin    

    LOVE children's motrin. #1 in our family

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  • OBC9719 By  OBC9719    

    Great product and tastes good for kids. I always have some in stock at home and at grandmas.

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  • AnnSheSpeaks By  AnnSheSpeaks    

    I much prefer Motrin to Tylenol too! Edited 8/16/2010 to add: And I like all of the different flavors that Motrin offers as well. Definitely check with your doctor about the right dosage first.

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  • jameslicex0 By  jameslicex0    

    I usually choose Tylenol for my son, but when hes at his worst and has a high fever, I altnernate Tylenol and Motrin about every 4 and 6 hours, leaving 1 hour between each administration; it works wonders!

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  • DebEmilioSteve By  DebEmilioSteve    

    Horrible. It's too strong. My little guy felt worse and threw it all up after I gave it to him.

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  • goinggreener By  goinggreener    

    I used to give my children tylenol, but after I discovered motrin, that's all I use. It lasts longer so you don't have to give them as many doses.

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  • nichelleb1 By  nichelleb1    

    Not only is Motrin the choice I've made for my four children as the BEST for pain and to reduce fevers, my pediatrician uses it also. It works quicker than anything else I've tried.

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  • pgh1964 By  pgh1964    

    Works fast to relieve teathing pain and swelling of the gums

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  • Jenn27 By  Jenn27    

    Yes, I always use motrin for my little girls works so much better then the other stuff. The fever comes down alot quicker and stays down alot longer. And they both enjoy the grape flavor.

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  • lvknisley By  lvknisley    

    Motrin is always our first choice for fevers and pain. My children do not fight me to take this because it has a good taste. And it seems to last a lot longer than tylenol.

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  • Kristilee By  Kristilee    

    I also use this when my children are sick. It is really good at lower fevers quickly and the taste is alot better compared to other brands

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  • Joyfulmom4 By  Joyfulmom4    

    We use children's Motrin a lot. The taste is acceptable to my medicine-hating kids (they refuse to take most things) and it works great for fevers and pain. My 9 yr old actually has migraine headaches (familial thing, her daddy started getting them at age 9 also) and Motrin is the only thing that works for them. It lasts longer than Tylenol for fevers too.

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