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NETFLIX Movie Rental

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I like the convienence of Netflix. Despite raising the prices, we still use the service. I wish releases hit a little sooner though. We subscribed to the streaming, but unfortunately didn't find the value in it due to a lot of what we watch not being available to stream. However, we love the DVD program.

We subscribed to Netflix twice in the past. It ended up getting too expensive for the movies that were available. We just didn't feel as if it was a great value. May try again someday if they offer a great deal.

I absolutely love netflix. It streams fast and has no comercials which is a plus. It has a wide variety of movies and tv shows. It also had an entire section just for the kids ehich is great. The only thing i dont like about netflix is that it has no current shows or movies on it.

I love Netflix! I have used the mailing service in the past and it sucked waiting for new releases to finally get to my house. They only have so many copies and you are on a waiting list. Now I do only streaming and the movie selection tends to get dull. I also noticed they only post 100 episodes of each TV show. So sometimes your not getting to see the whole series. But it does help when you have absolutely nothing to watch.

They do have more shipping centers now so I do get my movies faster, the release dates are sometimes really slow, and I don't like that I have to extra for Blu-ray and streaming.

I like Netflix but after a while it gets old. The shows are outdated and boring. They need newer movies/tv shows.

I love Netflix. I would have rated it 5 stars but the one I wish Netflix would change is the variety of shows and movies. I want to get rid of my cable but its hard to when the movies and shows are so outdated and you already have watched all of the good movies and tv series. I also dislike how far behind they are on updating new seasons. I do love Netflix though when you want to watch an older tv show and all the seasons are all right there instead of like how xfinity makes you pay for each episode!

Netflix is a great service. I still use the mail system some what but I am slowly phasing out of the mail versions. They have a wide variety of movies for all ages and it is a great price each month. Would of given 5 stars but once I was mailed a blank movie and they made me pay for it even tho I didn't lose it....

Netflix is an excellent site to watch movies and shows. It is your go to when you have spare time. Trust me, once you become a member to Netflix, you will never want to cancel your membership. It has so many movies and shows from so many different genres. You won't regret using Netflix.

Netflix is AMAZING!! Most of my favorite shows all in one place! It would be nice however, if they would add more recent episodes or movies from time to time (the only reason this review says four stars instead of five). but other than that, great thing to consider subscribing to if you love entertainment!

A variety of shows and movies. You wont be bored. Sometimes they only have a partial of the seasons en example would be instead of starting on season 1 they start at season 4. I haven't noticed that too often though.

Great service if you choose the 3DVD option otherwise not efficient mailing time to get your money's worth. So far have not had a problem finding what I need. Not impressed with the streaming selection, mostly B movies.

I liked the older movies they have on. I dont really lie newer movies that have come out.

Netflix is good for movies and shows. They have a lot to chose from I just wish they would update their selections more often.

Netflix and I are like this! I'm a major Binger and Netflix allows me to binge wherever I am, whenever I want! It's a dirty little habit we all love to enjoy ;) Now if they would just stop getting rid of my faves...