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Who doesnt love netflix its the best,they offer so many different titles,its great

I thought Netflix sounded like a great idea, but it always seems to offer such old movies that most people have already seen. We choose a lot of the kid movies for our 8 year old son, since he hasn't seen the older stuff, but I really wish they had new releases come out quicker and not have to get them through the mail. I do enjoy watching different episodes of tv shows that I've never seen however.

I love the convenience of instant play just wish it stayed more up to date. I don't mind having to have some of the newer movies mailed to us, I just don't always want to wait on the mail.

Personally, I do not even watch TV anymore because of Netflix. I end up watching all the TV shows on Netflix. It is a good price and instant streaming is even better. The only problem is that they don't update there movies as quickly. I've been a part of netflix for about two years and have not regretted it a bit. Also multiple can stream netflix at once so while I am watching on my laptop my mom can instant stream on her ipad. Its a better alternative for people who don't like the expenses of cable.

We love Netflix! We use it at home and on the is a lifesaver for long trips in the car with our 1 year old! The variety of movies, tv shows, documentaries, etc for the price is great.

I use it mainly to watch Orange is the New Black. It is a great series. I have Verizon Fios, so I can pretty much see anything I want on demand and otherwise would not have much need for Netflix.

i don't have a netflix account anymore but when i did it was not that great they did not have much to watch i had seen most of the movies and TV shows they had on the site

Love Netflix! Wish more content was available for instant play, thats the only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5. Overall I can always find something to watch though.

I only have instant streaming with Netflix, but I love it! The only complaint that I have is that they don't update the shows as often as I would like. It seems that this entire year there's been the same shows and movies on the site so I've watched the majority of what is on there.

I don't have Netflix, i'm not sure i want it because the price increase.

The movies they have are decent, however they don't update it frequently enough. I appreciate the fact that they don't have commercials, but I would like to see more quality movies on there. The LGBT section is barely there.

The streaming service is affordable and makes sense for catching up (or just marathon-ing) tv shows. The movie selection is pretty great in terms of diversity and selection. It doesnt have it all, but for the price its just right.

I love netflix! We don't use cable. We just use this. Aren't big tv watchers. And the kid section is awesome. My 3 year old turns it on and goes to kids and can watch whatever and I know it's not anything bad! So happy about that

Netflix is crazy convenient and easy to use, with a good price tag to boot, but there are a few issues which drag it down from an A to a B. -- -- -- -- -- First, while Netflix has a crazy large selection, especially of TV shows and documentaries, they aren't always consistent. Due to the nature of the service, Netflix's contracts for certain movies or shows run out after a certain amount of time, so something you loved six months ago might not be there when you go back to show it to a friend. Recently, though, Netflix has been putting out original content (movies as well as shows) that won't need to be removed due to expired rights. If you think of it that way, it's like Netflix is a cheaper version of HBO! (Just without the HBO shows and with way more than one channel's worth of content.) -- -- -- -- -- The one thing I do want to point out, that people don't seem to realize, is that the speed of Netflix is more the fault of your internet provider than of Netflix itself. And, with that in mind, Comcast, because it has a rival product to Netflix, deliberately limits their users' internet capability when streaming Netflix. Just a heads up. -- -- -- -- -- As a final addition: Netflix is especially good if you like classic movies, documentaries, or TV shows, but not so good if you're looking for newly released blockbusters.

Love watching movies on Netflix. considering we. Don't have.cable.. The price is.great!!