Emergen-C Kidz Complete Multivitamin

Emergen-C Kidz Complete Multivitamin

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This is a GREAT product. My kids LOVE it .

This product has really helped my child's cold every time. The only thing my son complains about is the taste. Needs to be more flavorable.

my kids did not like this pduct at all. need to improve the flavor

The kids love them and they use it daily. I know its good for them so i'm happy that they like using it themselves

My family loves Emergen-C. I was hoping the kids variety would taste better than it did. My kiddos did not like the flavors and I couldn't stomach them either. We will stick with the regular adult varieties.

If you don't already like vitamins, taking one would be better than trying to gulp down a large amount of juice that tastes exactly like a vitamin.

My kids seem to get cold after cold. This will help boost their immune system!

looks like a great product

I am a big fan of the Emergen-C Lite. My daughter just started preschool this year and she is always coming home with a runny nose. I give her a few days of the Emergen-C and she clears right up. She also loves the taste we have the grape. She thinks its a treat! We are loving it!

The kids hated this product. They actually gagged at the first taste. The smell isn't great either. I also tasted it and threw it out right away. There is no way I'd force this product on my children if I couldn't stand it either. YUCK!!! They can gat that extra vitamins during the cold season from more fruits and gummies or chewables that are actually great tasting.

Need to improve the taste somewhat, a tip for better taste, make sure that it is ICE COLD:)

I don't care for the taste all nor do my children but it does work very well, if they would improve the taste would be helpful getting my children to take it

Im going to try this for my son

the pink lemonade one is really good and they make a pomagranate one that is pretty good. I didnt like the others i tried ,but the citrus is especially horrible.

Sticking it in watered down orange juice really helps. Also if its chalky tasting that can happen when its sitting too long.