Born Free Glass Baby Bottle

Born Free Glass Baby Bottle

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I appreciate the movement to use glass, and it worked great for us! Friends say, "aren't you afraid the glass will break?" I have responded NO! That was never an issue, and we recommend this product to everyone.

Love the retro feel to this bollte! It also cleans easily and makes me feel sae using it!

I used this bottles with my daughter and loved them. We used the smaller 5 oz size at first and there were multiple nipple choices. We moved to the larger bottle when she was older. I used them because I wanted to be sure we were free of any BPA, plus I prefer using glass over plastic in everything. I did buy the silicone sleeves to protect the glass, plus they made it easier for my daughter to hold.

These bottles were great for the very young, they are easy to clean and more sanitary. I loved these except I did get scared I would break them frequently. I eventually switched bottles because my daughter needed a different kind of nipple. I will try these again with my newborn this time around, and hopefully it'll work out this time.

my child didnt like them, to heavy

I love these Born Free bottles and am on my way to get some more this week.

I bought some of these in anticipation of my daughters birth. I really didn't want to buy any plastic bottles cause of the BPA risk and also other chemicals leaching out of the bottles when they get warm. Others have discussed having issues with breaking glass bottles, but you can buy sleeves that help protect these types of bottles, so I am all in favor of a bottle I think is safter and easier to clean than plastic.

My son would not accept any other kind of bottle!

I like glass bottles. I feel comfortable that glass has been around for a very long time. Now that my son is starting to hold his own bottles I am starting to change over to plastic due to my fear of him throwing his bottles and having them break on our hardwood floors.

Love them. Just picked up level 2 nipples today. I feel they really helped my son have less gas.

HANDS DOWN THEE BEST BOTTLE! Okay so we only tried two kinds BUT the first bottle (Medela that came with my pump) was a nightmare. Our son drank the milk down in minutes (literally like 4 oz in 4 minutes) and at 2 weeks old it was causing him to be extremely fussy and upset. My ped even put me on the no-dairy/soy diet and put him on special formula. After no real change, I decided to try one of these bottles (got it from a friend who works at a hospital and these are what the neonatologist use for NICU babies). IT WAS A LIFE-CHANGING moment. He drank the milk in 20 minutes instead of 4 and has never been happier. Ended up buying six and am hesitant to try anything else. I believe we have the plastic BPA free bottles

I didnt use it very long because my son hated the nipple. I never really liked it, the bottle was a bit bigger than I wanted and hand cleaning all the parts to make it have less air was a huge pain. My son had the same amount of gas with these bottles as with a cheaper set

I love Born Free bottles. They are easier to clean than other brands and they are BPA free. I received the Born Free Newborn set when I had my daughter and have yet to replace the nipples or the bottles themselves. They are great!