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  • jenigirl4 By  jenigirl4    

    Love the boppy pillow! Great for nursing, after a CS, for propping baby up, and even used as a photoshoot prop! The covers are all so cute too! The Boppy is very durable and comfy for moms! I really liked it to elevate my daughters head after she ate, she had reflux really bad and would choke if laid down, this was wonderful for that! It is money well spent!

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  • ZigZag450 By  ZigZag450    

    We bought this after I had a c-section and could not hold the baby in my arms very well. I absolutely fell in love with it! It helps from hurting your back, tiring arms and is one of the best inventions ever! All moms should have one!!!

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  • tiffie By  tiffie    

    I love this product so much!! I have used ti for everything under the sun for my infant, it truly comes in handy! And I love all of the choices for slipcovers to jazz it up!

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  • bigdraws71 By  bigdraws71    

    we have three of these for each adult for the love and comfort of my granddaughter we love this and now she has three pilliows

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  • Momof32014 By  Momof32014    

    This is my top pick for nursing pillows. The fabric holds up well. This pillow is not to firm or to soft and it grows with the baby.

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  • leslieann21 By  leslieann21    

    I had used this for almost 3 years breastfeeding my son it was a big help and a huge break on my back and he loved just sleeping on the pillow.

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  • londonlane By  londonlane    

    I had one of these with both of my kids. The first baby I didn't use it as much because I wasn't able to breast feed but with the second baby it was an indespensible necessity! It made nursing so much easier and it gives your arms and back a break from having to hold the baby up while feeding. Then when they get a little bigger and are starting to sit up you can sit them in the pillow with it wrapped around their waist and it helps them learn and get used to sitting up straight. So nice to have!

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  • Tamraellen By  Tamraellen    

    Love this!!! it is a life saver. you never know how heavy a baby can get without on of these. It even works with when you have a c section. It is a must if you are breastfeeding. my son also liked to nap on it. the one con is I am a bigger girl and at times it felt tight.

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  • MommyKnowsWhatsBest By  MommyKnowsWhatsBest    

    I've had my Boppy Pillow for almost six years now and I've used it for all three of my kids. It's great for feeding the baby, both breastfeeding and bottle feeding. In between the babies, I used it for a neck pillow or to use it when I was working on my laptop. The one thing I don't like about it is that it's a pain to clean and it has lost it's shape after washing it so many times.

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  • fivetwo115 By  fivetwo115    

    I didnt like my Boppy at all! It was way too low. I found a great nursing pillow on line called Shuga Bebe Couture. It's absolutely amazing and truly a life saver. I have carpel tunnel and needed help keeping my baby elevated. This pillow is alot higher so it makes makes breastfeeding him more comfortable. It was definitely worth the investment. Its the best nursing pillow in my opinion.

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  • ccummins10 By  ccummins10    

    Amazing! I bought this because my original plan was to breastfeed, but I ended up having to bottle feed. We used this until she was six months. She would take naps lying in it because it helped with her colic while sleeping. She also would sit in this when she was beginning to learn to sit.

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  • Kmom721 By  Kmom721    

    Love love love this. Not only is it good for nursing but when I was bottle feeding bit kept the baby at a comfortable height so I wasn't slouching and causing pain in my back.

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  • Saving4Jewels By  Saving4Jewels    

    The thing that I love the most about Bobby Pillows is that it grows with my daughter. It's definitely a multi use product. Perfect for breastfeeding.

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  • megmeg77 By  megmeg77    

    I used this pillow every day before my daughter could sit up on her own!

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  • minders By  minders    

    Again a great product. Nicely made and works like a charm. One lil one was so happy with her new Boppy. Promotes strength without the worry. This one was put I the same basket for the new mother as the Bottles. Thanks again for a product we can trust.

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