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  • Hethre72 By  Hethre72    


    So sad since there are so many fantastic flavors of these Naked Juices. I guess that is probably because of the sugar content in them. No wonder i get that nagging afternoon lull! Bummer, just plain bummer!

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  • Gracie18 By  Gracie18    

    I really like this drink. Its good for when your on the go a lot or you done have time to eat.

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  • Valerie2525 By  Valerie2525    


    Very good my favorite is orange one kind of pricey but worth it for me.

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  • EmilyYost By  EmilyYost    

    The perfect pick me up

    Naked Juice rocks! My kids (15, 11 & 7) often go to the grocery store with me. Every time we hit the location where the Naked Juice is's "Mom, can I get one of these?!" It's good for them so I don't feel back. My son is on his school's water polo team and this is often the "before/after practice pick me up" he needs.

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  • Namminga By  Namminga    


    I love these when I?m sick or don?t have enough time for a proper meal. I get all my vitamins and can get protein options too. They all taste great too. I love to get the C Monster when I have a cold.

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  • onlydesertdiva By  onlydesertdiva    

    Tastes good!

    Delicious and I'm sure good ingredients but could do without the sugar and kind of expensive.I would rather make my own. Convenient for people in a hurry though.

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  • mrober16 By  mrober16    

    I love these I haven't had a flavor I didn't like.

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  • eview1 By  eview1    

    Naked Juice

    i like some of the flavors. however, some are bitter. i prefer the fruit ones. my problem is that they are very expensive, have a lot of wasted calories and some have lots of sugar. they are very good and satisfying, at least some of them are.

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  • Kariganson91 By  Kariganson91    

    Delicious and nutritious juice your whole family is sure to love. The varieties in flavors help make ur even pickles eater fall in love

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  • Mthrash By  Mthrash    

    Yummy but not very healthy!

    These are really good. My favorite is the Green Booster. But they do contain lots of sugar.

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  • nandita_a By  nandita_a    

    Best smoothie ever

    I buy Naked smoothies all the time and substitute it as a breakfast most of the time. Love it and also so satisfying

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  • HillCraft By  HillCraft    

    Very delicious with nutritional value always a plus.

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  • elizaleona By  elizaleona    

    These are yummy, but they?re not too healthy and they?re a bit pricey. I get a bottle rarely for a treat, because that?s I feel these are. Plus, I?d rather make a smoothie at home- it?s more economical.

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  • InspireBeautyMakeup By  InspireBeautyMakeup    

    Amazing healthy drink

    These are so yummy. They are a little expensive but definatly worth it. I feel like I have more energy when I drink them. I used to drink 2 of them a day to get me through my work shift.

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  • Prettydeadcreature By  Prettydeadcreature    


    These drinks are delicious and they are good for you at the same time so it's a win win in my book

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