Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Toddler Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Natural Milk Flavor

Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Toddler Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Natural Milk Flavor

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I have six children ranging from 1 - 8 years old. When the FedEx driver came to bring the Enfagrow my 3 year old daughter (who is a very picky person) wanted to try the drink before he drove off. I told them they could try it for dinner and I wanted to know if they liked it. I tried it first and didn't like the taste but hey, it's not for me so I gave them a little carton to drink. My 3 year old daughter drank the vanilla first it and said she loved it. Knowing her the way I do I waited untill she took a few more bites and asked again. She insisted she loved it and drank her fill, my 3 year old son and 4 year oldl daughter(vanilla) tried it too and said it was good, of course my 8 year old wanted to try(milk) it but he didn't like it. The only one that could drink the whole carton was my 8 year old the others only drank about half. The next morning my two 3 year olds were begging for more. I let them have a milk flavor with lunch and they asked where the vanilla was so I take it they didn't care for the milk flavor as much as the vanilla. I love the fact that the straws were big enough to reach the bottom of the carton but some of them were harder to open then others. I am very glad I was able to try this program because now I have somethiing they enjoy that can help fill in the gaps when they don't eat as healthy as they should but I will be buying the vanilla flavor..

I have a 2 year old girl and a 3 year old son they both love it I feel like its a better way to try and get there nutrients to them thanx to she speaks ingot to try it now this is my 2nd time buying it for my kiddos thanx a lot as always your introducing me to knew amazing product

I was so excited to be picked to try this product! I have been considering buying this or something similar to give my son when I take him off formula. He likes the taste and I admit, I tasted it and found it to be appealing also. I like the idea of giving him this for a couple years so he gets the added nutrients that regular milk doesn't contain. I also like the packaging as it is easily portable for on-the-go, no worrying about refrigeration.

I just love how easy this milk subsitute is to serve. It is always right there; I don't need to store it in the fridge at all times unless opened so I can bring it with on trips; my son tends to drink his meals so this product gives him the nutrition that he needs to fill in those gaps. a He really enjoys Enfagrow Older Toddler because it tastes like milk which has hasn't been able to get enough of lately and it comes in exciting boxes like his juice packs so it's fun to drink! We already purchased some more becasue he is going through them so quickly (there is a great deal at Walgreens right now that we have shared with others!) My only complaint is I don't like how the straws collapse and don't bend which makes it easy for my son to squeeze the milk out all over the place and stick the straw in so we can't get it back out. Easy fix--we use regular bendy straws instead!

My two year old daughter is on the lower end of the weight charts, and my husband and I have been looking for something to supplement her diet. So far, my daughter has really loved this milk drink! She is usually very picky but she took to this with no problem. It is very convenient to throw in my diaper bag without worrying about sippy cups. She has really enjoyed it so far, and we will continue to give it to her as long as it works well for her.

The simple to open and store shelf stable packs are great for a mom who has a lot of running around to do. My appointments ALWAYS run later than expected. My 16 month old loved both flavors, however, she didn't like the straw that came with it so I kept a travel cup with me so I could pour it in the cup. It was easy to pour in the cup as well. She's a sorta picky eater as well. She loves raw veggies and fruits but is rather un-enthused by cooked foods. I was happy to give this to her, especially since she liked it, and happier that it helped complete her meals.

My daughter has tried both the regular and vanilla flavors and neither one was really a big hit with her. She did drink more of the vanilla (her comments were, "It tastes like ice cream") but the regular she took one sip and did want it anymore. I chilled both products well but I'm not sure I would buy this drink for her. If it came in a chocolate flavor I know it would get her attention and she would probably drink the whole thing.

My 3 year old daughter really like this. I did not care for the smell, but she never said anything about it and it did not seem to bother her at all. I have purchased a lot of drink products very similar to this one in different brands and flavors for my daughter and she always takes a few sips or if I am lucky she will drink about half of it and then she will not drink anymore, but with this one she drank the whole thing!! She had about 1/4 of it left and we were getting ready to go run some errands and she wanted to bring it with her so she could finish it... I was shocked!! I am very glad we were able to try this product out and I know my daughter is too :)

These are great milk substitutes with more minerals and vitamins. My son just loves them and he can't get enough. It takes him just minutes to drink them and he always wants more lol. He is a silly boy. The only reason I gave it a 4 out of 5 instead of 5 out of 5 is because I think the Vanilla one is better.

The regular milk flavor was a hit, she drank them & loved them, the vanilla not so much she took one sip and she would not drink anymore, i will definitely buy more regular flavor.

This made me feel better about taking my son off of formula and giving him somthing that had all the nutrients that he needs. He loves the taste and keeps him full through the night.

All 3 of my boys have decided that this is good stuff (thankfully since 2 of the 3 are incredibly picky eaters). I will definitely be using the coupons to purchase more and will pass some on to friends. So happy I tested this!

We love these! It is so nice to have something extra once LO is off of formula and starting on whole milk only. Its an excellent option. My daughter drank them without any hesitation on the first one. They are convenient to throw in the diaper bag for easy on the go access. She always wants to drink like Mommy and Daddy, so the straw was an added bonus. When we are out and about, she sips with her straw like a pro, and at home I can easily pour the milk into the sippy cup. I especially like for her to drink this when she is sick, or about to be, so I can feel like I am getting her all the extra nutrition available. I have told several other mommies at daycare how much we like these!

My daughter loves it! As an on the go mom I do it! Its a great alternative to the unhealthy juice boxes for families on the go!

My son is two years old, he was very excited when he saw the red container with a straw. I gave him a drink with a taste of vanilla he made a few sips, and said that he does not want to, I tried to give later but he also refused. Unfortunately drink with vanilla does not work for us. I will give three packages to my friends who have young children, along with some coupons. Thanks for allowing us to try Enfagrow Toddler Ready-to-Drink milk drinks.