Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Toddler Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Natural Milk Flavor

Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Toddler Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Natural Milk Flavor

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The little ones think this product is great! Talia is 3 and Lillian isn't quite 1. They both like it that they can hold the boxes and control how much they sip out of it. it was a little harder for LIllian to hold , so she sat down and used her legs to help hold it while she fit her little hands around it and sucked from the straw. She is such a little peanut. She seemed to like it the most. I will definitely be spreading the word around about this awesome product!

I liked the idea of the non flavored ones better but I can tell the vanilla is a bigger hit agian I love the no fridge needed and they are gret on the go love the pop up sturdy teases to! Shared this flavor with my nephew who is 12 months and he liked to so that's the approval of three kids three and under these drinks are so convent and I love that they have the vitamins and essitials for toddlers maybe I can stop my worrying now!!

My son tasted it, and spit it right out. Now, he is a milk drinker. That is his favorite drink. So this obviously tasted nothing like milk. I tried to pour it in a cup so he wouldn't know it was the same thing, and once he tasted it again, he spit it out again.

My son loves this drink and its so convenient to use.

My son didn't care for it but my daughter loved it. I felt much better sending her to school with milk because she usually doesn't eat all of her lunch at school. At least I know she had something healthy.

My daughter did not drink this. We have not tried the vanilla flavor yet but she took a big mouthful and then spit it all out and refused it. Perhaps if we put it in a bottle to disquise it at milk but that will be a lot of effort. My daughter is 19 months and has been drinking milk since 12 months so perhaps she no longer likes or remembers the taste of formula.

Surprisingly, my son preferred this over the vanilla flavor. That said, he still wouldn't drink much. Great concept, but failed in flavor and texture in our experience.

neither of my kids would drink this. they didnt care for the taste.

My 3 year old son didn't like it at all. Perhaps he's been off formula-type drinks for so long that the taste wasn't good to him. I do love the convenience packs that come with straws for easy transitioning from bottle to boxes/straws. Would be great for on the go that doesn't require immediate refridgeration.

This was as horrible as the other enfagrow-it tasted bad and my son refused to drink it-he took one sip and said it tasted awful

I gave this to my 3 year old daughter who has been drinking milk for quite a while now and she didn't like it. She would ask for one but every time I gave her one she would take a few sips and leave it full. I like the idea but it's very expensive for me to buy and her to waste. Milk is a lot cheaper and she drinks it.

My son and his friend, both 3 years old, did not care for this product. My belief is because they have been drinking actual milk for so long now, that the Enfagrow Older Toddler drink just tastes different to them. Not that the product is bad because it is not; it is just a different taste. On the other hand, My son's one year old friend absolutely loves this product. She refuses to drink milk, but loves the Enfagrow and even asks for "more" once she finishes her sippy cup. I would highly recommend this product. Especially, since many toddlers refuse to eat fruits and vegetables and this is another way of getting them some of the nutrients they need each day. I will definitely be sharing my coupons with friends and family and passing the word on about this wonderful product.

I love this convenient, nutritious and great tasting product. My almost 3-year old daughter loves it and I will continue to buy it.

My 2 year old daughter slammed it down the first time I gave her one. I felt great about giving her that in place of regular milk and she loved it. There was more in it than she needed though.

My 3 yr. old didn't care for the Enfagrow Premium toddler drink past his first one, but my 5 yr. old son just loved it. He loved both the regular flavor and the vanilla flavor. He asked for them regularly throughout the day.