Twix Caramel Chocolate Cookie Bar

Twix Caramel Chocolate Cookie Bar

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One of my favorites and it takes me back to my childhood:)

My favorite all-time candy :) Although unlike the original poster, I cannot share the other piece. I always devour the hole pack haha.

I love Twix Bars! So sweet, creamy, crunchy and chocolaty all in one.

We are fans of the original Twix and these rock! They are similar to Caramello bars but not too sweet like the Caramello.

chocolate and caramel are the best combination!!

They are the perfect combination candy. I love them!

Twix is one of my all time favorite candy. Usually my choice at the checkout stand in the grocery store. I only wish they would have kept that Java Twix. That was pure heaven!!!!!!

Best Twix ever.... lots of creamy caramel and just the right amount of cookie. A+

Twix is one of my classic candy bar favorites, as my kids know because I always choose Twix for Halloween bag "safety testing."

Twix bars are my go-to when I need something sweet - I love the cookie, caramel, chocolate combination - and I like having one for me and one to share. One of my favorite candy bars!