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  • RGotteman By  RGotteman    

    I actually have found this at my local drugstore, I was really shocked because I never really see them anywhere, so I picked it up and paid for it. I actually do have acne, well a lot on my face and when I used this it lasted for a good time without smearing or dripping, I actually did put primer on, which makes it stay longer also, it's also not that expensive, so I would recommend buying this.

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  • versai001 By  versai001    

    I have always wanted to try this makeup but it is always sold out. I can't wait to get my hands on this product, stores need to stock up on this.

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  • roisebatemon By  roisebatemon    

    i like it it is good

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    I like this mainly because it's affordable and covers well. I can't find one that matches my skin perfectly, but there are that come close.

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  • Dollys By  Dollys    

    The best part about this product its inexpensive and works great.

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  • poiseen By  poiseen    

    It blends smooth and last all day!

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  • jeolie By  jeolie    

    I did use this a few times and wasn't thrilled with the coverage . I bought it only because I was out of my usual mineral foundation and the drugstore is handy. I gave it 3 stars for availability , Nothing special though for the price.

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  • jessica562 By  jessica562    

    Its ok but did not work for me

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  • kiki09090 By  kiki09090    

    Noo! No coverage do not waste your money on this

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  • chani102 By  chani102    

    Noooo did not work for me. Didn't have colors for my African-American skin and was not complimentary AT.ALL.

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  • sarabethp By  sarabethp    

    I have found this product works great with my skin. Everybody's skin varies and since I have normal to oily skin, the mineral foundation is best for my texture/tone. Easy application and good lasting wear. I usually put a primer on every time before application which helps it stay on for longer but I would absolutely recommend this inexpensive product!

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  • pammy0011 By  pammy0011    

    The foundation was applies nicely but i feel that it doesn't provide as much coverage as i would like

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  • leighf84 By  leighf84    

    I love this product and it is super affordable and works great!

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  • Marciless By  Marciless    

    it's not for combination or oily skin. the shades aren't for people with olive complexions but this works well for covering discoloration or beauty marks.

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  • Sarahlove13 By  Sarahlove13    

    For me, this product was very blotchy and enhanced my dry patches dramatically! It didn't have as much coverage as I would like Nd didnt last very long. Although, the color was perfect for my skin tone. Would not repurchase, especially since it is in the higher price range of drug store products.

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