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  • Heathers2980 By  Heathers2980    


    I am an Amazon Prime member and I absolutely love Amazon. From great product selections and great prices, they are the best.

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  • littleneko By  littleneko    

    I've ordered through Amazon for at least 14 years. I've been pretty happy with my experience save a couple of delivery issues, but they've been pretty accommodating. Prime has been worth it for my household. I love the 2 day shipping and their show, movie, and music features are nice.

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  • UnaMexicanaenUSA By  UnaMexicanaenUSA    

    Amazon review

    I love the convenience of a place with all the products and items you can think of. What I like about amazon is that you can look around, save items on wish lists and get emails when certain products are on sale. I also like the free shipping.

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  • Sharon2Rusty By  Sharon2Rusty    

    every time i order something from amazon, when it says it will be here on that day it was, everything and everyone is professional and helpful.

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  • irishmomofthree By  irishmomofthree    

    On the fence

    You can almost always find what you need on Amazon. Prime, however, seems to be a must - otherwise shipping can make it not a great deal. But prime costs, so it really is only cost efficient IF you want to do most/all of your shopping on Amazon. I'm not completely sold and cancelled my Prime trial. However, it is the place to go to purchase that hard-to-find item.

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  • lifero By  lifero    

    I always love to buy in Amazon for the fast shipping and quick return policy. Also new products to choose from.

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  • ShaneSellsSeashells By  ShaneSellsSeashells    

    Click, two days later...

    Deep discounts for students, prime shipping is amazing and they have hard to find products at low prices!

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  • UrsulaFoster By  UrsulaFoster    

    Become an Amazon prime member

    Just become an amazon prime member - Having 3 heartbeats ... being introduced to Amazon WAS the greatest thing to happen to our busy family - ya just get on line - search - research (reviews & Q&A DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST) & buy - shows up 2 days (or so) later Christmas Easter birthdays weddings teachers/nurse gifts just because ... rain, snow, wind ... bumpy day from missed naps... IT DOESN'T MATTER ALL at your finger tips I wish 100 stars was an option

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  • JamJam77 By  JamJam77    

    Oh Amazon how I love thee, where else can you literally get something for everyone without leaving your house AND know that they have a hassle free return policy! The prices on Amazon are pretty hard to beat and I can always find a great deal on some Reebok shoes on the site ( it's hard to find Reebok anymore :( ) at any rate I will continue to shop with Amazon.

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  • Espy2187 By  Espy2187    

    Amazon is just awesome. I buy all my accessories here. I love all there phone cases and kitchen supplies. Their just awesome and can get anything here for a descent price

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  • Msjayden By  Msjayden    

    Maybe if you have prime

    I used to really love Amazon. Now it seems like if you don't have prime your getting ripped off. You can't see the regular price or shipping unless you start to checkout. Then you find out it tripled or doubled and who knows how much the shipping can end up being. I have also had multiple items I ordered not show up to then email then and they just cancel my order and give me a refund. One of the items I had bought for a trip and had to try and figure out something else. Apparently they were out of stock, which should have been mentioned sooner. Took multiple emails. Maybe if you have prime you get better service but when I order something and it doesn't show on time then to find out it isn't coming is frustrating. I hate not knowing how much I am going to pay.

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  • Sousafam12 By  Sousafam12    

    I have been a amazon shopper for at least 8 years. In all this time I have only had one real issue with an order. And as soon as I brought to their attention it was fixed within the hour no problem.

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  • homesteadmomma By  homesteadmomma    

    Love shopping

    I like shopping on I can get good deals new and used of whatever I am looking for. I get great shipping deals and they are signed up with Ebates and I can get cash back on my purchases.

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  • Katlyn_H By  Katlyn_H    

    We get a lot of things off of here that we can't find anywhere else.

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  • Awall22 By  Awall22    

    My favorite website!! I am so happy that I joined Prime!!! Free 2 day shipping,movies,tv shows.I can easily shop at home and get anything that I need at one place!!! I love it!

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