Coca-Cola Coke Zero

Coca-Cola Coke Zero

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Coke Zero is excellent tasting. I feel like I'm drinking regular Coke but I'm getting the benefit of zero calories!

I drink Zero most of the time when I drink soda. I love the taste and the fact zero calories

I am a Coke woman, but don't like Coke Zero. It is too sweet to me. I prefer Diet Coke.

This is the BEST DRINK ever!!! I drink way too much, everyday!!! Absolutely love it!!!

My doctor said I had to switch to sugar-free soda years ago or else I was on my way to developing diabetes, and that's when I discovered Coke Zero. Wow! It tastes so much like "real" Coke. I don't know what I'd do without it. A very tasty diet soda that makes you forget that you are drinking a diet drink. I'm so glad more restaurants and movie theaters are adding Coke Zero to their drink choices. It is my absolute favorite beverage and is a real treat.

I switched to coke zero several years ago love it, it just right ! If you havent tried it your missing out, always clean and fizzy !

Taste great can't even tell its diet!

Soooooo much better than Diet Coke, hands down! And I just love the Coke Zero Cherry!

I agree with Leisha, I am a diehard Coke Classic fan. Dislike Diet Coke for the aftertaste, for me Coke Zero was better than Diet Coke not as good as the real thing but a great option.

I am a COKE fanatic!! I love the REAL thing for sure!! I hate Diet Coke and I tried the Coke Zero for the 0 calories and have to say it is far better than the Diet Coke taste and it has not bad aftertaste. Still, not as good as the Real thing. I was doing good on Coke Zero until I had a real coke and now just cant go back. LOL

i used to be i love with this drink !! !!! i don't dink soda any more but i stiill think its the bomb waybetter then diet coke

LOVE Coke Zero! Been drinking it ever since it came out. Not too sweet at ALL like some of the others!

Love it!!! Yummy

I drink Diet Coke and realized that this tasted even better w/o the calories. YUM YUM

Way, way, WAY better than Diet Coke. In my experience, those who love Diet Coke hate Coke Zero. Fortunately, I'm not one of those people. I never could quite enjoy the taste of Diet Coke, and I'm so grateful to Coca-Cola for coming out with this great tasting, crisp, sweet, zero calorie cola! I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great new diet soda favorite!