Coca-Cola Coke Zero

Coca-Cola Coke Zero

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Taste great can't even tell its diet!

It's not bad, and the calorie count definitely helps it's appeal!

Great Soda I don't drink much soda, but this will always be my favorite. I love how it has the perfect combination of fizz and flavor and zero calories. This gives me an energy boost during the day and tastes great. It is a healthy way to enjoy soda with a delicious taste.

Great alternative to regular coke I usually feel very guilty about drinking soda because of all the sugar and I hate diet sodas because of the chemical taste of artificial sweeteners. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried Coke Zero because it didn't have that artificial taste. I like it with a lot of ice and a slice of lime.

Before coke zero came out I was low on options for a soda to drink. All the other drinks have a bit to much sugar for me. I can taste the difference between Coke Zero and regular Coke but I like the taste of both so it doesn't bother me.

i liked the fast that is has no calories, but I did prefer the taste of regular diet coke over the coke zero

Pretty Good I am not a diet soda drinker, but when I want a soda without all the sugar this is what I opt for. I'm a Pepsi girl, but to me Coke Zero is a better "zero" version than Pepsi's.

It tasted very good, it just felt "empty". It still tasted like coke, but it was really carbonated, and it felt that it was mostly carbonation and not drink.

I'm a loyal diet coke drinker but if it's not available, I will occasionally choose this. It's pretty sweet to my since i'm used to the other one. I'd still chose this over Pepsi products though.

Good Option for those looking for zero calories While I love regular Coke, this is a suitable option for those that don't want the calories from a soft drink. There is a slight aftertaste, but it's doable and I don't mind it.

Not on my top of favorite coke products but its not bad. Im more of a regular coke drinker!

Our family loves Coke. Coke zero is a little too sweet to the taste. It is something that I would drink if it was the only item available and if it was really really cold.

doesn't taste so diety

Coke is bad for you but so addicting. Never tried coke zero .

I've grown up drinking Coke zero. It's a nice alternative to regular coke. I'm not a frequent soda drinker but if I'm out for an occasion this would be my go to drink.