Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

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Didn't like this product I really don't like these wipes. They leave slimy sticky residue on your hands after using. Plus the smell of chemicals is strong. I prefer using natural cleaners instead of these products. I use vinegar, dawn dish soap and baking soda or Thieves spray it's my favorite for a all purpose cleaner because it smells so good and a good sanitizer. I use the dawn/vinegar/baking soda for tougher messes like the toilet ect. But if you don't mind washing your hands and what you just cleaned or chemicals then you may like this. I don't see the point of using these when it says to wash after. To me that kinda defeats the purpose.

EASY CLEAN UP Cleaning with Clorox wipes makes your life 100x easier. I use a wipe or two daily just to hit the door handles and counter tops in the house. As a full time working mother of 2 (in daycare), I am all about stopping the spread of germs! Highly recommend.

Use them daily to clean everything!! they hold up well and really clean my kitchen counters.

This is a great disinfecting product. Very easy to use for a busy, active but messy lifestyle. It's in and compact and easy to use container.

The best cleaning wipes out there I have these everywhere. There's some on my desk at work. A container in my car. One on the kitchen counter. This stuff works for everything. It cleans up your kids messes, your messes, your diseased cough...whatever life throws at you, on you or around you, Clorox is going to clean it up for you!

great all purpose cleaning wipes These wipes are a must for disinfecting work spaces in my house. They clean up like a charm. The lemon scent is nice too. I buy these all the time to use on my computer desk as well as my kids. They are nice for quick clean ups in the kitchen too.

Pull, tear off, wipe and toss. This is a very wonderful and handy item to have in your house. It is great because if you don't have the time to pull all the cleaning supplies out and spend time with the water, the rags, the bucket, and wringing out the rags, you just simply pull, tear off, wipe, and toss. It's also alot safer if you have babies or toddlers there is no risk of them drinking any cleaners. It cleans, sanitize, and freshens your home. I highly recommend this product to the person on the go.

#1 BRAND you can trust My family rely on Clorox disinfectant wipes, its the product in the world for killing cold and flu Viruses',killing bacteria super fast, and sanitizing. AND I LOVE that it's "bleachfree".

The only reason I don't give it 5 is for the price there should be more of the wonderful cloths that kill those nasty germs. This even works well on grease!

Clorox disinfecting wipes This product is really good. I like to use it to clean surfaces not only in the kitchen but also bathroom. I wish each bottle had more wipes. I like to buy the big bottle with 78 wipes. They come in different scent and even though is from clorox, they don't smell like chlorine.

Stable santizer Clorox wipes are a staple in my house. From cleaning the kitchen counter tops to the bathroom handles, I feel like this product helps stop the spread of germs in my house.

Perfect for cleaning I recently discovered Clorox wipes in a textured version and absolutely love them! They make wiping down countertops a breeze and smell really nice.

I love these Clorox wipes, I use them in my kitchen, bathroom and throughout my entire house. They work great and leave my counters sparkling and clean.

this product is so helpful and cleans really well!

A must have in my house. We use they all of the time.