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The conditioner is too heavy for my baby fine hair. I do like the fragrance of the conditioner and my husband uses it every day and likes it very much.

Overall, it's okay. It smells good and works well at detangling my hair.

The conditioner was great, left my hair feeling smooth and frizz free. Not too thrilled with the scent though.

I don't typically use conditioner on my naturally oily hair, just makes it worse. I did give Clear a chance to stand up against other conditioners I've used in the past. I was pleased with the texture of my hair, but as expected, it did leave my hair feeling and looking oily at the roots after only a few short hours. Overall, I would recommend this conditioner for someone with dry hair.

The product seemed to weigh down my hair, though it does feel nourished. the smell was a little overwhelming. I didn't like that shape of the bottle, it was awkward to use in the shower. the conditioner did rinse out very clean though. which was nice.

I usually use a shampoo that is more tailored towards women of color, but I chose to try this product to try something new. It worked great and I love it!

I have fine hair that is easily wieghed down and am always looking for a shampoo that will deep clean my oily hair. I have been using the Clear Scalp & Hair Shampoo daily for about two weeks now and it is just not the right one for me. It seems to weigh down my hair and the oilyness comes back much too quickly. I do love the scent of this shampoo, but I wish it were a clear formula as opposed to a creamy formula.

It seemed to make my hair look dirtier quicker

I tried the shampoo and conditioner together. They did a nice job cleaning my scalp, but left my hair a bit dry. I will probably use them again, but add a leave-in conditioner. The one thing that might stop me from continuing with this brand is the packaging. The bottles are tippy once they aren't full, take up too much room with the curves, and are just plain annoying with my glasses off.

I used this along with the shampoo for two weeks. I like the light refreshing scent. I have a dry itchy scalp with fine dry hair so I need extra conditioning. This was alright for a conditioner. It doesn't weigh down your hair, so if you need body this would definitely be a good conditioner. Used along with the shampoo I've noticed my itchy scalp went away and my hair looked healthier. The bottles are great, easy to use and store. I would recommend trying this along with the shampoo!

I have not tried this conditioner.

It did a fairly good job of conditioning my color/heat-damaged hair. I still need to use additional products (leave-in conditioner, mousse, etc.) to tame my somewhere in-between wavy and curly hair, but, overall, I was pleased with how soft my hair was after using it.

this product was ok. im going to continue using it to see if i see a major difference. the scent is fantastic . i actually want to try the Clear Ultra Shea Collection

I loved the smell of this product.....The conditioner seemed very thick in my hands but my hair sucked up the conditioner like no other now mind you my hair is highlighted.....still I only used about 2 quarter sizes I also have long hair, after I washed it out and let my hair air dry my roots were super I thought hmm maybe it's just my hair so I let my 13yr old use it and it did the same to her all in all this conditioner isn't for someone like me.

I loved the smell of the conditioner, but I'm used to using a much thicker product. While my hair was detangled, and was pretty shiny too, I had a lot of frizz and fly-aways after using this product. Mix the shampoo with Dove Conditioner for thick/damaged hair, and I think I would have my dream set of hair products.