Lego Blocks

Lego Blocks

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My son loves creating things out of Legos and so do I! I love all of the building possibilities!

My son cant live without his legos

AMAZING! it lets your mind go free and wild and see what types of skills you have to build somthing unique and fun! Great for kids

love legos! they keep my kids busy for hours (and i get my me time) i love seeing what they will build each time they play with them, also like that they are made in different sizes for all ages of kids can play with legos. my 16 mo. has hers and my 8 year can play with hers without her little sis bugging her. great toy

What can I say? Legos are a forever kids' icon. It keeps my kids and ME entertained for very very long. We all love legos. Easy to play with, easy to put away, and it stimulates the imagination :)

Loved these as a child and now my three kids love them as well. I even still have the big tub of pink and purple blocks I had when I was little. My daughter loves them.

I think every child should have these!

love kids spend hours with it....imagination has no bounds when they are with lego blocks!

Ahh, gotta love a toy that requires no batteries, is gender-neutral and encourages imagination. For generations, legos have been entertaining kids the good old fashioned way.

We use Legos both at home in our community. At home we have lots of creative play with Lego bricks, and learning time with Lego MBA and WeDo Lego. In our community, I volunteer and teach a Lego and Robotics engineering club with local kids. Our club is using Lego MBA to learn design and building techniques, Lego WeDo to learn simple mechanics and technology, and Lego NXT to also learn STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics). There is so much more to Legos than what meets the eye. Yes they are fun to play with, but they help develop a broad range of motor and cognitive skills. They can be used cross curricular in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, language, arts, and more. Legos can also be used with children and adults with special needs. We also love to use Legos in creative building challenges and to problem solve. We also enjoy time building relationships as we listen to descriptions and observe the creations that each child has invented with Legos. As a mom and community volunteer, Legos enrich our lives and are a "win win" for everyone.

Lego Blocks I think can get never boring. You can create so many thinks with the Blocks. Its everytime a great Present for Kids. Create activity for the kids.

I grew`up using legos and now my daughter loves them too. No matter what age or gender legos are fun and a great way to exspress your creativity! I love going to the lego store at down town Disney. We buy them and can't wait to get home in Pa. to use them! My husband is like a big kid when he uses them. He just did a sponge bob lego kit with my daughter and they had a blast!

this toy is great for using creativity, imagination, and also fine motor skills. i love when my sons says "look what i made" so awesome

These are one of the main toys I remember playing with as a child. When you're very little, these big blocks are the best, and then when you get older, you graduate to the smaller Lego blocks. You can make anything you can imagine with these, and they always kept my siblings, friends, and me occupied for hours.

My girls LOVE their legos. I love how imaginative they are with them and that the brand has been updated while retaining it's original charm.