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  • Nadia5 By  Nadia5    

    Good razor and does the job quite well. Very smooth shaving and you actually don't need anything but the razor instead of some kind of cream to put on first.

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  • Roxers By  Roxers    

    The bar soap makes your legs feel soft but the only downside is that the bar soap ends up falling off.

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  • mommyto6bratz By  mommyto6bratz    

    Works well. I've even given them to my teen and pre-teen without any problems or horrible leg cuts.

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  • mveltri By  mveltri    

    This razor is my favorite. Pretty much all others give me razor bumps but this one does not and my legs feel so smooth after.

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  • cchrystyl By  cchrystyl     SheSpeaks Tester

    I love using this razor! I don't have to use a separate shaving cream because of the moisture strips, it's very simple and quick to use.

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  • BraydensMa By  BraydensMa    

    Absolutely love this razor. The 5 blades makes your skin so smooth with the okay added is a bonus. You don't have to make a mess with shaving cream.

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  • onenac By  onenac    

    I like it because I don't have to moisturize after use it

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  • aamita By  aamita    

    this is my favorite razor I love it so much my legs feel soft and smooth after the first used.

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  • redjessi By  redjessi    

    Not worth the extra money, the olay bar lasted for one shower.

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  • janiekrakowski By  janiekrakowski    

    I absolutely LOVED this razor! It seemed to stand up to all other razors in quality and price, Smooth and silky and the lotion bar was long lasting. New favorite, hands down!

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  • bambiluv By  bambiluv     SheSpeaks Tester

    I thought I was in love with this razor till I took a closer look a few weeks later, I had so many ingrown hairs on my legs, and the only thing I had changed in my whole shower routine was this razor. I will probably use again (since I do have a few more refills) But I am sticking with the Schick Quatro for now.

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  • Tiffanycmoy By  Tiffanycmoy    

    Great product! Shaves so close and makes your skin so SOFT.

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  • jenuits By  jenuits    

    I am really surprised at how well I like this razor. A major benefit is not having to use shaving gel when I'm in a hurry in the morning. The one downside in my view (which you might not think is a problem if you shave everyday) is the fact that the shave is just not as close as some of the other Venus razors. I just feel like I shave more often but on the flip side the time it takes for me to shave is considerably less.

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  • flossyBe By  flossyBe    

    Great razor leave my legs feeling nice and smooth the frist time I was it I was done with the dollar razor.

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  • savingyourgreen By  savingyourgreen    

    I picked this razor to use while we were traveling and I am very impressed. I may just switch to my full time razor. I love that I don't have to use shaving cream because it is built right in. For travel it is wonderful because you just have one little razor to pack. I have used razors that claim to work like this one but they never do. I love that my legs were smooth, and soft. I did not need shaving cream or gel so it saves me a step. I don't have to pack two products! Grab and go but still great results!

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