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  • klassic By  klassic    

    Simply Wonderful

    Got this years ago from my grandmother. I read it several times and passed it on. Such a great theme. Explained in a simply wonderful way.

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  • Kberletich By  Kberletich    

    Love this book, in fact I bought it for my best friends baby shower and we all wrote in it for her baby boy. One day he will be able to read all the notes in it for him.

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  • sarah18 By  sarah18    

    Cute and enjoyable

    I love this book so much! It?s a cute book that I enjoy reading to my kids because I feel that it might inspire them to do great things while they are little and hopefully when they grow up.

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  • Nicoleslayer By  Nicoleslayer    

    Great book

    I bought this for my daughter when she was in Kindergarten. Every year I have her teachers sign the book and add something about her. I just noticed that you could have friends and family sign also. I really wish I had thought about it or knew about it and had family sign it. Because my grandmother just recently passed away she raised me. We lived with her the past few years because she needed full care so my daughter and I were very close with her. So I'd say have anyone your child cares for sign it. I'm going to start leaving a small note each year too. The book is made well and the illustrations are good. It also comes with a stack of matching cards to write on. I highly recommend this.

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  • tailormade By  tailormade    


    Dr. Seuss books are never a disappointment to me. I read to my son every night before bed, its our ritual: dinner, play time, shower, brush teeth, grab our book and our lovey and head to the rocking chair. I always make sure to emphasize the rhyming words and my son seems to get a kick out of it. I highly recommend not only this book but any Dr. S's books.

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  • LisaMarie1 By  LisaMarie1    

    Love this book!

    I love Dr Seussand this book does not disappoint me! I have also purchased it for my grandchildren when they start school.

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  • tufcookie25 By  tufcookie25    

    Good read for kids

    My daughter loves this book, she likes the images and clever words. Smart book for the little ones.

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  • Lindseywifey By  Lindseywifey    

    My daughters and I love this book! I have a copy that was given to me when I graduated 8th grade that I plan on having my daughters teachers right in at the end of each year!

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  • Sbrowning By  Sbrowning    

    My kids LOVE this book. I also have one for each of them I have their Teachers sign at the end of the year and will give to them after they graduate his school!

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  • FrankiJ By  FrankiJ    

    Love This Book!!!

    Hands down the most meaningful, honest, and encouraging children?s book off all time. Such a beautiful way to show a child how rough and scary the real world is. I think it?s important for children to understand that not everything works out the way we plan, but that we should never give up. This book gives them that understanding.

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  • jenmartin74 By  jenmartin74    

    This is favorite!

    I love the message of this book! My kids love the story. I?m a teacher and many parents have me write a message in this book at the end of the year. It makes an excellent keepsake.

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  • JulieandBrionT By  JulieandBrionT    

    I love this Dr Seuss book

    I love this Dr Seuss book. I bought it for each of my children when they graduated high school and wrote a message in the cover.

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  • Jenopinion By  Jenopinion    


    Dr. Seuss was a fantastic writer. This book is beautiful! I read this to my kids often!

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  • Strongworker By  Strongworker    

    Dr Seuss full collection books

    My sister had 1 child who is now 30 years old. She handed down the full collection of Dr. Seuss books to my children about 10 years ago. I currently have 15 year old twin boys who thoroughly enjoy each book in its entirety. They in turn haded them down to my daughter as aoon as she became five. She is 9 years old and still enjoying every book

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  • abrattin By  abrattin    

    Fun Yet Educational

    Personally I am a Dr. Seuss fanatic so I try to encourage my oldest to get involved as well. He is just beginning he has began to love the fact of the ryhming along with learning the deeper message that lays beneath. I fully recommended this book to any parent interested in trying books that are not only fun but educational as well.

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