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  • BigChas By  BigChas    

    Personally, I don't like these. They're flimsy & not well made. I'll stick with a duster & cleaning cloths.

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  • frisco By  frisco    

    This item works great for hard to reach places.

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  • CandRsmom By  CandRsmom    

    Perfect for quick cleaning!! This busy mom cannot live without these!!

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  • scooter78 By  scooter78    

    Affordable,compact and easy to use. Don't have to have a separate cloth and spray. When you're done ,you just throw away

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  • LinkLinkCheerMOM By  LinkLinkCheerMOM    

    Great for windows and ceiling fans.

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  • AnOpinion7x By  AnOpinion7x    

    Makes cleaning easy before surprise guests. I like to swiffer furniture and decor in between deep cleanings. It's fast and easy and the dust stays with the duster.

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  • BamaGirl71 By  BamaGirl71    

    I love my Swiffer duster. It gets the job done quickly and leaves my home dust free.

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  • lg2158lg By  lg2158lg    

    This product is great for quick easy dusting on every piece for furniture in my home.

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  • dcruella By  dcruella    

    I am obsessed with anything swiffer but these dusters make it so easy to get to my ceiling fan.

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  • sssmith73 By  sssmith73    

    Okay, but still leave dust and dirt.

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  • katherinesuaso89 By  katherinesuaso89    

    Love the Swiffer duster!

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  • amfrancis By  amfrancis    

    I love how easy this is to use. Slide the duster on, dust, dispose of the duster cloth.

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  • janetz By  janetz    

    great for ceiling fans

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  • Laylacat By  Laylacat    

    Picks up all the dust and crumbs fast

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  • cciscaroline By  cciscaroline    

    These little guys are so easy and great to use! It really hold on to the dirt and dust well! I use these all the time at work and home. It makes dusting not a huge chore!

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