Elf Movie

Elf Movie

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Definitely a Christmas classic for all the family to enjoy, it's got a message, it's sweet and funny.

Endearing film about an adopted elf finding himself and bringing the true meaning of Christmas to the people he loves, whether they want him to or not.

This movie is the cutest movie I love it

i love this movie! its such a awesome family movie and my whole family loves to watch this during the holidays! a must have!

Will Ferrell one of the funniest man in Hollywood you've got bob Newhart who is a legend and is still hilarious I own the dvd but watch It everytime Its on tv such a great funny movie!! honestly dont be a cotton headed ninny muggins watch this movie!

This is one of my favorite films. Will Ferrel makes a killing in this one. =)

Seriously this is one of my favorite Christmas movies!! Buddy the Elf (Will Farrell) is such a funny character. It has a great story line and in the end everyone has Christmas spirit like buddy the Elf. What a great movie!

Love Love LOVE this movie! My daughter watches it year-round when she goes to my parents cabin and over to their house to stay the night. This is definitely a family favorite fun for everyone and one of Will Farrell's best films!

me and my family have made it into a thanksgiving and Christmas tradition to watch this movie. Every time we see this amazing movie it makes us laugh just as much as the first time we seen it.

I never get tired of this movie. Every time I watch it, I just have to laugh. It is another one of those movies that u can just keep watching over and over again.

This is a funny and great movie for the whole family.

This movie is an outstanding Christmas movie. It is a great family movie, and can really be watched all year round even though it's a Christmas movie! At a few Christmas parties I have stayed with the kids and watched over them as we all watched this movie. They all adored it!

I love watching this movie during the holidays. So hilarious yet has a great message.

This is a wonderful, feel good Christmas movie. It doesn't take itself too seriously but it has a number of sweet (literally) and poignant moments, and it's laugh out loud funny. It's an instant classic and should be added to every Christmas movie collection.

ELF can't quite seem to make up its mind whether people should need proof of Santa's existence or not, some jokes work better than others, and the talents of Caan, Steenburgen, Bob Newhart (as Buddy's adoptive father), and Ed Asner (as Santa) are neglected. But director Jon Favreau shows some verve and keeps the story moving quickly enough to keep it from feeling like a series of skits.